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Idahoan Foods Recently Redesigned Their Mashed Potato Cups’ Packaging: What to Learn From Their Example

No matter the type of product you sell, you can find inspiration from other products. The recent redesign of Idahoan Mashed Potato Cups is a great example of this. Take a closer look at the redesign, as well as what you can learn from their example when designing or redesigning your food packaging

About the Redesign of the Potato Cups

Idahoan Foods introduced the redesigned packaging for its potato cups this summer. This was the first time it had a major overhaul since the product hit the shelves in 2011. The goal was to draw more attention to the product. 

Larger Photographs

One of the biggest changes to the packaging was the use of larger photographs. These emphasize the texture of the product, leading to more shelf appeal. Combined with a modern design, the appearance is shopper-friendly and makes shoppers imagine the potatoes within the cup. 

Updated Instructions

Another major change was the instructions. While the overall process of heating up the potatoes is the same, the instructions have been updated based on consumers’ feedback. 

One specific facet of this update is that microwave instructions were at the front before the redesign. But some customers told Idahoan Foods that they either didn’t have a microwave handy when they wanted the potatoes or would just prefer not to have to use one. 

Based on that feedback, the company added instructions for using boiling water to prepare the potatoes. Of course, coming up with these instructions was a combined effort with the company’s Research and Development team. 

Improved Recyclability

The brand also took advantage of the packaging redesign to improve its sustainability. Specifically, it swapped out the previous packaging for polypropylene, featuring a glued paper-based fiberboard label and a PET lid. This combination makes the packaging more recyclable. 

Added QR Code 

Another change was the Smart Label QR code added to the packaging. This provides customers with additional information about the product, boosting engagement. 

Serves Its Customers

Throughout the redesign process, customers’ needs were at the forefront. In fact, the product redesign came at the same time as the reformulation of Idahoan Foods’ potato cups, which they did based on customer feedback. That same customer feedback influenced the new design in addition to the new formulation. 

Supply Chain Challenges

One of the biggest challenges that Idahoan Foods faced during the redesign was the supply chain. This is a common theme among nearly all companies. According to the brand, the redesign involved finding new ways to address supply chain problems. 

What You Can Learn

The recent redesign by Idahoan Foods reinforces some of the most important things that companies consider in their packaging. Most importantly, it highlights the importance of customer feedback and designing products to address consumers’ needs. This effort came through in the design itself and its product reformulation. The redesign also highlights some of the current trends in packaging, such as QR codes and sustainability. 


Idahoan Foods recently redesigned the packaging of its potato cups. This redesign exemplifies how a company can maximize customer opinions, technology, and sustainability in packaging. 

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