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Soopak Makes The Chatelaine W100 List

The W100 list from PROFIT and Chatelaine, one of the most prestigious lists in Canada, ranks the top 100 companies in Canada run by female entrepreneurs. This list is designed to recognize the female business leaders who have taken their companies to the next level and turned them into great successes. The companies on the list, which now includes SoOPAK, serve as an inspiration for other businesses in Canada as well as women throughout the world.

About SoOPAK

SoOPAK is a local, Canadian company that specializes in short-run packaging. In a world where most packaging manufacturers focus on larger businesses with few (or no) options for smaller companies, SoOPAK spans the entire range of options. Its minimum order size of 500 boxes means that even entrepreneurs can afford to use their services and test out the benefits of custom packaging. SoOPAK is able to offer competitive pricing, short lead times, reliability, and adaptability. It also has experience working to package products from a wide range of industries, including food and confectionery, entertainment, cosmetics, health and beauty, and more.

Celebrating Women

In order for a company to even be nominated for a place on the PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 list, it must meet strict requirements, all of which SoOPAK met with flying colors. It has to be an independent company with headquarters as well as major operations in Canada. The individual female entrepreneurs must also have a management role and an ownership stake in the company, as this confirms that they are truly in charge of its operations, or at least a business partner. Toronto resident Carol Jiang is SoOPAK’s president and a longtime executive in the industry. With her 20 years of experience, she created a business that answered the industry needs of flexibility, quality, and affordability with both extremely short deadlines and standard runs. Her success story with SoOPAK made the company a prime candidate for the list. The goal of the list is to provide inspiration to women everywhere, both within Canada and around the world. There is also an Idea Exchange in place that helps women entrepreneurs learn from those on this top 100 list so they can improve their business and possibly eventually make the list themselves.

Only 100 Companies

What makes the PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 list so prestigious is the fact that throughout all of Canada, only 100 women and their companies will make the list. In addition to the requirements mentioned above, SoOPAK had to rank high enough to make the list against every other business candidate. The ranking is based on the growth, profitability, and size of the women entrepreneurs’ companies by looking at their revenue over a specific period of time.

Idea Exchange and Other Benefits

One of the key features of being on the W100 is the Idea Exchange mentioned above. It lets those on the list share ideas and strategies, so every company has the chance to grow even more. It is also a great way for SoOPAK’s women entrepreneurs to make lifelong connections that can help with both their companies and their personal lives. As a bonus, being named to the list should give SoOPAK even more publicity, further increasing its sales and allowing it to grow. There are also stories published that profile the female business leaders, so everyone can learn more about them, what inspires them, and the keys to their success.

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