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How to Use Holiday Themes in Your Packaging

At any time of the year, various holidays are approaching, just waiting for you to take advantage of them with your packaging. With holiday themes in your product packaging, you can benefit from the festive cheer of the season and boost sales. You just have to figure out how to do so.


Why Use Holiday Themes


By including holiday themes on your product packaging, you will appeal to buyers who are in the festive spirit. No matter the holiday, many people will be obsessed with it. All of these people are more likely to buy your product over the competition’s if you have a holiday theme on your packaging and the competitor doesn’t, simply because of the decorations. Holiday themes can also help convey a sense of a special product or limited edition item, even if that isn’t necessarily the case and you don’t say it outright. Potential customers will want to buy your product because the packaging is different than normal and novelty sells.


Stick to Color Schemes or Add Symbols


There are two main ways to add a holiday theme to your packaging: you can change the color scheme or add in symbols related to the holidays. During the winter holiday season, for example, you can add more red to your packaging to embrace the theme, whether or not you add symbols. Some common symbols include snowflakes, Santa, and Christmas trees. Remember that the options to add these holiday touches are nearly limitless. Most companies will do so on the exterior of the packaging, but you can also customize the insert to match the theme.


Keep It Secular


A general rule of thumb when designing your packaging to incorporate holiday themes is to keep it secular. At the very least, don’t include outright displays of religion. In the case of the winter holiday season, for example, you will make more sales if your packaging simply has gingerbread men and festive wreaths without saying “Merry Christmas” than if you explicitly state the holiday. After all, only Christians are likely to buy something that says the specific holiday, while anyone might buy a holiday-themed item. To play it safe, include a range of designs, including those that are more targeted toward those who celebrate the holiday. A design with a decorated tree, for example, will appeal to people who celebrate Christmas, while a simple snowflake or snowman will attract everyone. By having both, you can reach a larger clientele.


Consider a Gift Theme


Another option if you don’t want to add symbols or adjust your packaging’s color scheme is to opt for a gift theme. This is particularly useful during the winter holidays when gifts are typically given, and it works for all types of products. Wrapping your product like a present can encourage customers to buy it as a gift, depending on what it is. Even if it is something for themselves, like toilet paper, the appearance of gift wrapping makes it seem as if they are treating themselves, encouraging sales.

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