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Top Indications You Need to Update Your Product Packaging

Even the best product packaging won’t work forever. Trends change as do technologies related to packaging materials and other factors. Because of this, you need to consistently evaluate your packaging to make sure that it still appeals to clients. If you notice any of the following signs, then you are likely in need of an update for your packaging.


The Packaging Hasn’t Changed in Years


A good indication that you need to seriously reevaluate your packaging and probably update it is if you haven’t done so in years. By the time your packaging is five years old, it is definitely past its prime and needs to be updated. It simply isn’t possible for a design to last this long while the market changes and the category evolves. Even so, don’t make changes for the sake of making them; they should actually be useful and the result of research.


Trends Are Different


As mentioned, trends change over time, and when this happens, your product packaging needs to keep up with them. If you created your packaging design when simplistic boxes were in style but now people want something that catches their eye, you simply won’t be able to make sales.


Your Product Is Different


Any time you change your product, you need to adjust your packaging to reflect that. Whether that is an update to the chosen box style or some design shifts, you need to let consumers know that the product is new. After all, you want the customers to know that you have worked to make the product you sell better, and the packaging is one of the easiest ways to do that. For the best results, you can even do a short run of what will be your future packaging design with a label like “new and improved” on it.


Your Competition Changed without You


Savvy businesses will pay attention to their competition as well as their own company. If you notice that your competitors have adjusted their packaging and it works for them, you should consider doing the same. That is not to say that you should copy their changes; after all, you want to be unique. Instead, think about why the competition made their change, how the customers responded, and how you can make similar adjustments without losing your brand identity.


The Packaging Is Hard to Open


Customer convenience should always be a priority, so you don’t want to rely on product packaging that is too hard for your clients to open up. If they have to put in too much effort, they may simply give up and buy from a competitor in the future, something you definitely don’t want. Because of this, if you hear customers or focus groups saying that your packaging is hard to open, take note and make changes.


Better Materials Are Available


Sometimes you just need to update your product packaging because there are better options available that weren’t there before. Perhaps cheaper or more environmentally-friendly materials have been released. Or maybe there’s a new technique for printing designs that are more affordable or clearer. Updates can be necessary to keep up with the advances in the world of packaging.

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