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How to Trim Costs off Your Next Packaging Run

Just like every other aspect of your company’s operation, it is very possible to cut costs on your next packaging run. Even if you think these runs are already as affordable as they can be, there may be ways to spend pennies or even dollars less on each product’s packaging. While these savings may seem small, they can quickly add up.


Know What You Want Before Ordering the Run


A good rule of thumb is to always be sure you know exactly what you want before you order a full packaging run. While this will not save you money immediately, it will do so over time. After all, consider all the wasted money if you order a full run of packaging only to discover something is wrong with it. You would be left with hundreds or thousands of boxes you can’t use – and can’t likely return or sell to someone else, especially if they are customized. If you aren’t positive that your packaging is exactly what you want but you need to go ahead, opt for a short run instead. Even if you change your mind about something, the losses will be minimal since you will have only ordered several hundred boxes.


Test the Packaging Thoroughly


On a similar note, always take the time to thoroughly test out the packaging before you order that run. Think about the process your product goes through as it travels from the production facility to the end user. How long does it spend on a truck? What conditions is it exposed to? How is it stacked on a pallet? Be positive that your chosen packaging can withstand all of these challenges, from impacts to climate changes to vibration to the pressures of stacking.


Consider What Isn’t Necessary


Look at your packaging with a critical eye to see if there is anything you can realistically get rid of. Can you reduce the number of colors you use? Do you need to include the clear viewing window or would you get the point across with a photo? Do you need all that information displayed? Does the product need interior padding? Anything you can change may lead to a reasonable reduction in cost, saving you money.


Reduce the Packaging


Have experts take a look at your product and your packaging to evaluate the size and shape of it. Any reduction in the packaging materials themselves will reduce costs in multiple ways, including both the cost of materials and shipping. After all, shipping is based on weight and size, so reducing these factors can lower your rate. Unfortunately, reducing the packaging is easier said than done, but there are various programs that can help you with this.


Compare Companies and Look for Deals


It should go without saying that you can sometimes cut costs off your next packaging run by comparing various companies or looking out for special offers and deals. Just remember that you don’t want to save money if it means a sacrifice in quality; cheap packaging can cost you more in the long run if it damages your product or doesn’t arrive in one piece.

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