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How to Select the Right Box for Your Product

Choosing the right box for your product is an important step as you want to ensure that it protects your product and helps your brand make a positive impression without wasting materials or costing too much. To figure out how to choose the right box for your product, you will need to ask yourself a few questions about your product and take a look at the available options.


Start With Size


The first thing to consider when it comes to your product’s box is size. You do not need to come up with the exact dimensions right away, but you should have a general idea of whether it will be small, medium, or large or in a range of dimensions that span several inches. Start by figuring out exactly how big your product is in each direction. From there, you can figure out the minimum box size you will need. If you sell something that is fragile and requires padding of some sort, do not forget to account for how much space this will take up.


Box Style


One of the hardest choices will be choosing the style of box that you want to use for your product since there are dozens available. The best way to go about this is to think about what type of box you would want to see your item in if you were the one buying it. You can ask potential customers for their input on this, or take a look at the box styles used by competitors. If all your competitors use the same box style, it is likely for a good reason, although you may be able to stand out from the crowd with a unique style.


Just remember that standing out is not good if you do so because your box is impossible to open or the chosen style does not work for your product. To make it even easier to narrow down your options, the best packaging manufacturers will divide boxes by both style and industry. This way, you can browse all the types of boxes that would potentially work for your product.




Don’t forget to consider the materials of your box as well. If possible, opt for recycled materials that can be again re-used to minimize your impact on the planet, and that will increase your appeal to environmentally conscious buyers. When considering materials, pay attention to factors like sturdiness, cost, and weight. While sturdy boxes do tend to have thicker materials, which mean they cost and weigh more, it can be worth it if your product is delicate or heavy.


When in Doubt, Ask for Advice


Remember that you do not have to decide on the right box for your product by yourself. Marketing teams and product packaging companies have a great deal of experience finding boxes that work well for various products, so they can guide you in the right direction. Marketing and design teams can let you know what would work best with your brand and appeal most to customers. The product packaging manufacturer can help you compare costs and sturdiness of various box styles. Combine their expertise with your knowledge, and you should end up with the ideal box.

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