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Four Tips for Improving Your Fall Packaging

With fall about to get into full swing, it is the last chance to think about your fall packaging and how you can adjust your product packaging this season to increase your product’s appeal to customers. This is the perfect time of the year to make sure that your packaging checks off all the key factors to fly off the shelves. You can also take advantage of seasonal trends to appeal to those who are in the fall spirit, whether they just appreciate the colder weather and fall colors or want to get in a festive mood for the upcoming fall holidays.


Incorporate Colors, Themes, and Holidays


One of the most obvious ways to improve your fall packaging is by getting into the spirit of the season. See if you can enhance your normal packaging design with seasonal colors, such as oranges, reds, and browns. If you want, try adding in some fall themes, like a pile of leaves or a mug of a warm beverage. Depending on your target audience and the type of product you sell, you should also consider incorporating some elements of the upcoming fall holidays. You can include a jack-o’-lantern or a regular pumpkin for a mild nod to Halloween or go all out with a ghost or something spooky. Those who sell in the United States should consider including imagery like cornucopias and turkeys to appeal to buyers who look forward to Thanksgiving.


Reassess What Your Clients Want


As mentioned, fall is the perfect time to know exactly what your clients want out of your product packaging, and then make sure that you deliver. You can actually use this tip in conjunction with the above advice to determine how much of a fall theme you should incorporate into your product packaging. Those who sell wine, for example, will probably not want to incorporate a full Halloween theme but may choose to include some leaves or imagery of someone sipping a glass of wine next to a fireplace. Determine the type of imagery or style clients want from your product packaging and their other requirements, then make any necessary changes.


Make Sure It Is Practical


As always, if your product packaging is not practical, you likely need to make improvements. Customers want to buy things that are useful and simple to use. If you sell a portable food, for example, figure out how to make it more portable by including a disposable (or even reusable) utensil. Practicality also entails portability of larger items, like cases of drinks, and ease of opening. Overall, use this time to make certain your packaging meets these requirements and adjust if necessary.


Create a Narrative


Fall and winter are the times of the year when people tend to want to hear heartwarming stories and make connections with others, so take advantage of this with your packaging by using it to tell a story. That will create a narrative that connects your brand and consumers. Either give a hint of an actual written story on your packaging or find another way to craft that narrative like what Starbucks does with its holiday cups.


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