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Get Inspiration From These Innovative Product Packaging Designs

Designing your product packaging so it grabs the eyes of potential consumers is an art that requires creativity. You need to be able to stand out from the crowd to pull in consumers, but it can be a struggle to get inspiration. Take a look at some of the more innovative product packaging designs from a range of industries to get some inspiration and see what can happen if you let your creativity flow.


Delicious Milk Soap

 Delicious Milk Soap sells soap that is made from milk, but instead of packaging it like any other bar of soap, the company got creative. They made the soap appear like a popsicle or ice cream bar, playing off the idea of it being made from milk.

Goertz Shoes


One common example used for product packaging inspiration is that of Goertz shoes, a German company. Their creative agency designed bags that have images of shoes with the laces extending to create the handle. This gives the impression that you are holding a bag of shoes by their laces, while instantly giving a hint of the product within.


Green Berry Tea


Take a look at the tea on sale from Green Berry Tea and you will notice that the teabags themselves are shaped like origami. This idea came from Russian designer Nathalia Ponomareva and the tea bags are all shaped like birds. The box of tea bags lets you know this is the case and then the exciting packaging continues within.


Nature’s Best Cashews


Nature’s Best uses a unique design and shape for packaging their cashews, which is a great way to stand out. The triangular silvery packaging shows off elegance so the product can appeal to an upscale market. It successfully makes the nuts feel as if they are more of a luxury item, perfect for gifts or bringing to a dinner party, instead of just a boring snack.




The biggest wooden kitchen utensil manufacturer in Denmark, Scanwood sells a range of wooden cooking utensils. The company showed off their naturalness in their packaging by creating cardboard boards that the utensils attach to, where they appear as trees or plants growing out of the soil.


Smirnoff Caipiroska


If you look at the bottles of Smirnoff Caipiroska, they are all different colors with the textures and appearance of the fruit that gives the respective drink its flavor. These color coverings have diagonal perforations so you can unwind them like you would peel a fruit, resulting in a Smirnoff bottle with a familiar appearance.




Going back a few years, Thelma’s, a cookie company, used a creative cardboard packaging designed to look like a stovetop. This was the result of their creative agency’s brainstorming, and it makes it appear that the cookies are coming out of an oven when you open the package.




Wood is a perfume brand that makes their packaging so it includes real wood. This helps create a feeling of connectedness to nature, something that is typically lacking in other perfumes. It also makes the brand name, Wood, make significantly more sense than it would without this type of packaging.

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