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Latest Fourth of July Packaging Trends

As a company owner, you know that seasonal product packaging is an excellent way to boost sales. With the Fourth of July approaching, it is time to think about how you can adjust your product packaging for Independence Day to bring in new clients or ensure current clients choose your product. Most of the trends on the Fourth of July packaging are the same this year as they have been in previous years, but they get combined with other current trends.

Flag Imagery

Among the most popular trends for Independence Day packaging is to use flag imagery. This can be done in a number of ways. Some companies will change the background of their packaging from a solid color to a flag. Others will place an American flag somewhere on the packaging, either separate from or complementing the original design. For example, your normal packaging has a person on it, consider having that person hold a flag. Or you can just place a flag in one corner of your packaging.

Red, White, and Blue

Those companies that do not want to go all out with an American flag frequently adjust their color scheme to red, white, and blue. This is among the simplest and most popular changes you can make for your Fourth of July packaging. Consider temporarily changing the colors of your logo or the color scheme on your packaging. For example, your design usually has a white background with purple text, consider changing it to a blue background with red text.

Any swapping of your normal colors for red, white, and blue can do wonders. Some manufacturers will go all out with this and change the coloring of their letters to alternate red, white, and blue. Remember that changing your color scheme for the Fourth of July does not need to incorporate all three shades (red, white, and blue). Simply using two of them will contrast to your typical packaging and indicate your brand is in the patriotic spirit.

Other Elements of Patriotism

During the Fourth of July, packaging designs tend to get creative when it comes to incorporating other elements of patriotism. You can add other imagery that would be patriotic, like the Statue of Liberty or an image of a founding father. Or you can use words like “American” or “freedom” on your packaging, emphasizing them.

Industries to Take Advantage

Any industry can take advantage of the Fourth of July product packaging to boost sales and stand out from the crowd. In most industries, it is simply an option, but if you sell something that is frequently used during the holiday, it is a must. For example, you sell a food item typically used at Independence Day barbeques, you should definitely make at least small tweaks to your normal packaging for the holiday.

Combine Them With Current Industry Trends

To get the most from Independence Day packaging trends, combine those with the other current trends. These include themes such as convenience and minimalism.

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