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9 Effective Tips for Creating Attractive Header Cards

Nowadays, the consumer industry is so saturated that shoppers barely get time to dig deep into the details of every product. To grab a shopper’s attention, brands use attractive header cards. Header cards (also commonly known as bag toppers) are one of the easiest and most effective ways to package your product. The key is to create an attractive and interesting title on the header card that catches the shopper’s eye. Most of the time you will receive header cards and other advertising items that simply include the name of the company on top of them. It’s true that some people will recognize the name, but this doesn’t mean that the information provided will stay in their heads. In fact, sometimes, it may even have the opposite effect!

There are many ways to create striking header cards by presenting the title in different ways. However, it’s important that the content on the header card presents a relevant message that grabs the interest of the potential reader. Here are some useful ideas you should keep in mind while designing a header card.


  1. Simple and impressive options for your title

Use words that are going to be interesting for the buyer. It’s also a good way to build a relationship between the buyer and the product you’re offering. Find something new to offer as people like to search for something unique.


  1. Develop a story for your title

The next step is to make sure that your design develops and explains what has been said in your title. If you’re able to pull that off, then the initial interest will gain more importance. It is necessary to take the time to create and design headers with an effective title because that’s the first thing a shopper is going to view while searching for the product they want to purchase.


  1. Give your template a decorative border

A simple way to add some creativity to your header card is by giving it a decorative border. Many brands use a background image as border on their header cards. Look for an image that reflects your skills and the industry to which you’re product belongs. The meaning of the image can be literal or symbolic – that entirely depends on you!




  1. Add a custom header that illustrates your personal brand

What impression would you like to leave on those who read your card? Do you want them to think that you’re creative and innovative? Do you want them to think that you’re reliable and competent? All these things can be conveyed to the buys through the header card. While choosing an image for your header, look for one that is not heavily loaded. Too many things can distract your customer from your main idea.


  1. Use a layout to divide your cover letter into sections

Generally, you should plan a layout for your header card before placing images and text randomly. It’s better to have sections for each component so buyers can understand the content and realize that you don’t lack organization. With organized visuals, you have the opportunity to attract customers.


  1. Add a personal logo

Making your own logo may seem like a big task. However, it does pay off. The logo of your brand doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as writing your name with a specific font or perhaps combining your initial with an icon or shape.


  1. Use icons to illustrate certain information such as your skills or passions and your experience

The icons are simplified vector graphics that are used to represent concepts. They are ideal to add some creativity in your header. It helps in giving your header card good design and presentation. You can use icons in different ways to improve your design, including:

  • Direct attention to the heading.
  • Create your own logo or personalized illustrations.
  • Emphasize key points.
  • Replace bullets in lists.


  1. Highlight your contact information using a bold footer

While a bright, bold heading can help you get the readers’ attention, a footnote might help you get your header card finished with an impressive note. A bold footer can also help you highlight key information – such as your availability and contact information.


  1. Add your signature

At this point, you may have noticed that many of the cards have something in common; they include a signature. Although it is not required to include a signature, this can add another personal touch to your brand.


Pro Tip: Personal touches in the design of your header card can enhance your brand’s identity among customers.




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