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Consider These Four Ways Halloween Can Work to Your Advantage Through Packaging

With Halloween coming up, it is time to figure out how you will use this holiday to your advantage. Just like any other holiday, this spooky time is the perfect opportunity to give your product packaging a small, seasonal adjustment that can bring in plenty of sales. With the right Halloween-related changes, you will not only attract new clients but also maintain your already loyal customer base.


Reusable Themed Packaging


No matter the time of year, you should always try to figure out if you can make your packaging reusable in some way, but this is particularly important during Halloween. Think about your product packaging and the shape it makes. Could you include an outline of a wall decoration that just requires a few quick cuts from the user? Or maybe your food canister can be reused to hold other treats during a Halloween party. If you make your packaging look like a decoration or other appealing household item, consumers will reuse it for other tasks during Halloween. In this age of social media, they may even snap a picture of how they are using your item (with or without other holiday decorations), giving you free advertising!

 Attract Those Who Love the Holiday


Halloween works to your advantage by instantly attracting potential buyers who love this holiday. If someone’s favorite time of year is Halloween and they have the choice between two simple hand soaps, one of which has normal packaging and one of which has Halloween-themed packaging, they will pick the themed one. People who truly love the holiday will do anything to get in the spirit, especially if your product doesn’t cost more than the normally-branded alternative (or at least not significantly more).


Create a “Limited Edition”


If done right, your Halloween-themed product design can actually be a limited edition that customers will want. Remember that just knowing something isn’t widely available or won’t be around for long increases a buyer’s impulse to purchase it. Capitalize on this by labeling your product packaging accordingly with something such as “Limited Halloween-Edition Packaging.” Or you can get really creative and include a limited-edition sticker with the product. Just be sure to make this clear by looking at the package. Your product will be chosen over the competition for that sticker, especially if the prices are comparable.


Use Trick-or-Treating


All of the above methods can be easily adjusted to work for other holidays in addition to Halloween, but this one is unique to this holiday. While candy is the typical choice to give out to trick-or-treaters, some people have gotten creative in recent years to avoid allergies kids may have. Figure out if your product can be marketed for trick-or-treating, and then go ahead and do so. You’ll be surprised by the items that can work for treats from candy to coloring supplies to stickers to small games and electronics. Alternatively, take advantage of trick-or-treating by designing your packaging so that it can be reused as a bag for Halloween evening. Does your product already come in a basket or bucket? If so, point out on the packaging how that can be used for trick-or-treating. For items that come in sturdy boxes, include lines to cut out to turn the box into a trick-or-treating pail.


With some creativity, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to boost your sales and brand recognition.

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