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Four Things to Avoid on Your Packaging Order

Creating your product packaging is an important part of making sales. You should not rush to create your packaging as this can reflect poorly on your company. Most advice focuses on what to do when creating packaging. But, what about the things to avoid? Do your best to avoid the following things to ensure that your packaging is right for your product and will help boost sales.


Ordering From the Wrong Company


Start on the right foot by avoiding ordering your packaging from the wrong company. You want to choose a packaging manufacturer with a strong reputation, quick turnaround times, and high-quality packaging. They should also offer options to meet your business needs. As a bonus, look for a packaging company that offers additional services like artwork design or mockups.


Be willing to pay a little more for a company that is worth it as this is part of avoiding the wrong manufacturer. You get what you pay for with product packaging, so as long as the company has a strong reputation, a good one will not usually be the cheapest.


Making It Misleading


Another mistake to avoid is misleading packaging. Do this by ensuring that your packaging clearly shows what you are selling and its purpose. You should also make the size of the packaging clear. The classic example of misleading packaging is a giant bag of chips filled with mostly air, but any other container can have empty space. Alternatively, your packaging may make the product look like it does one thing when it should be used in a different way.


If your packaging is misleading, you will come across a few issues. The biggest will be unhappy customers who thought they were buying one thing but got another. They may feel as if they wasted time and money to get your product and spread the word that you are misleading. Misleading packaging can also hurt the potential for repeat sales. Yes, you will get that first sale, but once the customer realizes that the product is not what they want, they will not buy it again.


Not Utilizing Modern Trends


You should also avoid ignoring modern trends when creating your product packaging. If you focus on older designs and styling, your packaging might look dated. Instead, take the time to explore the trends in the industry so you can incorporate them. This will give your packaging a modern appearance that inspires confidence. Customers will assume that if your packaging is up-to-date, your product is, as well.


Not Testing the Packaging


Just as you test your product before selling it, you should test the packaging, as well. Order a short run of the packaging and send it through various trials. Ship the packaging and expose it to the various conditions and situations it will normally go through. In the end, confirm that the packaging remained sturdy and protected the product. You should also test the packaging in terms of appearance. To do so, ask potential customers to evaluate the finished packaging and let you know what they like and do not like.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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