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What Is Kraft Paper and Why Is it a Popular Packaging Choice?

Kraft paper is a wonderful, eco-friendly option for packing your products. Creating more sustainable packaging is more than just a trend these days; it is essential to up-and-coming brands. In a recent study, more than 50% of brands that responded said that it is important for them to become more sustainable. Those brands that want to create an impression without excess packaging or waste turn to kraft paper for a versatile packaging option. Kraft paper offers tons of benefits and is an environmentally friendly option. 

Benefits of Kraft Paper

Using kraft paper is a statement that your brand is more eco-friendly. It has a vintage but appealing look that can appeal to today’s customers. It also stands out because of its naturally rustic appeal compared to other contemporary packaging materials. When people see brown kraft paper, they automatically think the product is more natural and eco-friendly. Using kraft paper can add to your brand’s credibility as a modern company that cares about the environment.

Lightweight Packaging Option

In addition to being attractive, kraft paper is lightweight. You can design custom boxes from this material that don’t weigh much but are still durable. There is no negative impact on the environment with this packaging either. It breaks down just a few weeks after hitting the landfill. It can also be saved and reused, depending on what was packed. 

Kraft Paper Is Durable

Because of the process used to make kraft paper, it is very durable and strong. It is made by grinding wood to a pulp and then treating it with sulfates. It can be made stronger with a polyethylene (PE) coating. This helps protect the kraft paper from bacteria and moisture, but it does increase how long it takes to break down in the landfill. 

Kraft Paper Is Environmentally Friendly

Kraft paper is made using a simpler process involving fewer chemicals compared to the process of making other packaging materials. Another benefit is that these chemicals can be recovered, reused, and recycled without losing the overall package quality. Additionally, the byproducts of making kraft paper are turpentine and tall oil, both of which can be used when manufacturing other items, such as rubber or paint.  

Kraft paper is also created using different kinds of wood. These are pine and bamboo, which are not usually used when making paper. This is because bamboo takes too long to process correctly, and pine is overly resinous. Both kinds of wood make excellent kraft paper, however.

Making kraft paper is self-sustaining because nearly all ingredients are reused in manufacturing other products, such as rubber. This makes kraft paper an excellent option when a business values sustainability and wants to highlight its green practices. 

Getting Started with Kraft Paper

When comparing kraft paper with other options, such as corrugated boxes and folding cartons, it is understandable to have questions and hesitations. Considering all its features stated above, you can make an informed decision about whether to use kraft paper for your packaging needs. 

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