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Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Food Packaging

The packaging used for food products is a critical consideration for any brand. It is an important component of your business startup and requires a lot of attention to detail. You don’t want to have products going out in the wrong or unsafe packaging and your reputation suffering. 

Gain a better understanding of the specific standards for food packaging so you can avoid costly mistakes. To help make sure your food packaging is going well, here are some common stakes to avoid:

1. Poor Branding

Take-out food carriers provide a unique opportunity to promote your brand and boost its reputation. When food packaging is too generic, you are losing the opportunity to bring awareness to customers about your brand and what it has to offer. Make sure to put the effort into adding some branding into your carryout containers and it will pay off. For instance, cups and boxes offer the opportunity for logos, coupons, and fun facts. 

2. Wrong Material

The most common mistake food businesses make is to use the wrong material in their package design. With the wrong material, you can end up with waste, contamination, or faster spoilage. The wrong packaging also puts your products at risk of being damaged before making it into your client’s hands. Wrong packaging can turn appetizing food into a rotten mess. 

To avoid this mistake, take the time to properly research the material you’re using. Look at your competition and see what containers work the best and what they are made from. 

3. Packaging Isn’t Customer-Friendly

The term “wrap rage” comes from customers wanting a snack and the packaging preventing them from getting into it. With packaging too secure, customers may start to wonder if you really want them to enjoy your product. Hard-to-open food packaging leads to frustrated customers who don’t return for further purchases. In some serious cases, difficult food packaging may cause injuries such as damaged nails or even broken teeth. 

4. Not Enough Business Details

When you’re still new in the industry, it is important that your contact details are clearly labeled on your food packaging. Many startups don’t last because they can’t meet simple packaging requirements and they don’t think clients notice. When customers look at the product packaging before snacking, they need to know your contact information. Make sure they can find you as well as other important information when they look at that label. 

Other important details you should consider placing on the label include your social media pages, business address, website address, and phone numbers. 

Appealing and practical food packaging is an essential part of the startup process for your food business. It is a critical factor in whether your clients will return regularly or not. Correct food packaging may affect the quality of your food and, therefore, the reputation of your business. 

When you know the mistakes to avoid you can create the best brand awareness and attract clients with a true passion for food. Putting a little effort into the research process saves you money and heartache in the end.

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