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Three Tricks for Saving Money with Packaging Design

In addition to being a protective covering for your products, your package is a first impression on your potential customers. The packaging you choose offers a chance to save money, reach your clients, and build your brand image. Great packaging will bring you repeat sales, and there are some cases where your packaging will bring you a customer for life. 

Putting thought and effort into your packaging has been shown to increase product sales. Read further for a better idea of how to keep packaging costs down. 

1. Reduce Material Packaging Costs

Plastic, paper, and cardboard are some of the most popular materials used in packaging. Depending on your needs and your budget, you may consider other materials as well. The materials you choose will contribute to the costs of your packaging. The rise in raw material costs is driving up the material costs for packaging overall. 

Factors that contribute to the cost of your materials are the weight, size, shape, and type of product you are shipping. The needed protection also contributes to the cost, as do packaging regulations and industry standards. 

To keep these costs down, you can consider options from other suppliers for more affordable pricing. Making bulk purchases is also another way of keeping costs down. This helps reduce other fees, such as taxes and shipping. Selecting material that has a lower price point is another way to save money here. 

2. Package Size Matters

You need to take the size of your product and, therefore, packaging into consideration when it comes to cost of packaging. More production materials, like for larger boxes, will drive the cost of packing up. Do what you can to reduce the weight and size of your product to help keep costs down.  Larger packages are typically heavier and will need more packaging material. 

Supplies that are weight-based will effectively cost more of your packaging budget. When you have a box that is too large for your product, you may have to use fillers. This brings us to the next point. Reduce your fillers to lower packaging costs. 

3. Reduce Fillers

Larger packages cost more to ship and fill. For this reason, you want to pick a box that is as close to the size of your product as possible. You want to do what you can to keep your need for fillers down. Using a box that is overly large and then packing it with fillers costs your company more. You pay for the filler material as well as the weight of the package. 

Choosing a package size that just covers the product and leaves no room for packing peanuts may be the wiser, more affordable option. Regardless of the item you are packaging, you want to minimize the expense of the packaging. For the most part, it will get tossed in the trash and will end up as a waste of money. 

Taking the time to put proper thought and research can save you money when you design your package. This will help you optimize your business’ budget so you can allocate funds to more important aspects like marketing your business and expanding your target market.

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