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5 Tips to Improve the Appeal of Your Candle Packaging Boxes

As with any other product packaging, you want to ensure that your candle boxes appeal to your customers. Without appealing packaging, you will find it challenging to attract new customers, even if those who have tried and loved your product will return. You want your packaging to be appealing enough that a potential customer chooses your candles over the others on the shelves, and these tips can help.


Consider Reuse


Some product packaging simply lends itself to reuse more than others, and candle boxes are in that category. If you make your candle packaging box attractive, customers will choose your product for the candle itself and the packaging. They might use the box in the future as a gift box for something small; use it to store odds and ends, like paperclips or hair ties; or just use it for decoration. When creating an appealing candle box, your goal is reuse, no matter how the customer chooses to do this.


Use Color to Your Advantage


When creating your candle packaging boxes, take advantage of all the color options available to you. Everyone associates something with colors, and that association can help you drive sales. Some customers will associate pastel shades with the spring, getting them through the cold winter months. For the best results, go colorful, but opt for neutrals. This way, the colors of your packaging can work with a range of decors, making them more reusable.


Remember Minimalism


Another key to making your candle packaging reusable and visually appealing is sticking to minimalism. If your goal is to attract as many customers as possible, regardless of their tastes, minimalism will allow you to create a design that works for everyone. While some color is great, don’t go crazy. If you really want to see how your client base reacts to a more colorful candle box, consider doing it as a limited-edition version with a short packaging run. If it goes well, you can always offer multiple types of packaging depending on the candle scent or shape to appeal to a wider base.


Add Details, Like Ribbons


Although the box is the most important part of the packaging, it isn’t the only component. If you want to make it stand out more, consider adding ribbons or other additional ornamental designs. This is particularly useful during the holiday season, as it encourages people to give your candles as presents. At the same time, including ribbons makes a customer feel like they are truly treating themselves if they buy the candle for their own use; everyone loves feeling pampered, so this will boost sales.


Think of Your Image


To improve the appeal of your candle packaging, take some time to think about the image you hope to convey. If you want your candles to feel artisanal and personalized, consider packaging with hand-drawn or handwritten elements (or those that appear to be handwritten). If your goal is a luxury, high-end candle, keep the packaging simple and elegant with classic shades like black, white, silver, and gold. As long as you stick to your brand image and show some creativity, your candle’s appeal will be undeniable.

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