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5 Tips For Getting Your Packaging Ready For The Holidays

As a business owner, you can use annual events like holidays to your benefit as a way to boost sales. The winter holidays, in particular, are great for enhancing your sales with limited-edition packaging or holiday-themed items. While you can just keep your packaging the same all year round, you will be missing out. Small, affordable adjustments to your packaging, like the following, can make a big difference.
Copy Gift Wrapping
No matter the type of product you sell, you can get your packaging ready for the holidays by making it seem like it is covered in wrapping paper. This works particularly well for items like candles, cosmetics, toys, and other items that can actually be given as holiday gifts. It can even work on personal care products. For items that are unlikely to be gifts, you want to create the impression that buyers are giving themselves a present, and fake gift-wrap is a great way to do this. A customer may even reuse your product packaging to wrap an actual present for someone, increasing the number of people who see your brand imagery.
Use Holiday Colors
If you don’t like the idea of making your product appear to be gift-wrapped, consider just adjusting your color scheme slightly for the holiday season. Opt for traditional holiday colors, like green and red, or maybe shades associated with winter, like a lighter blue and snowflakes. This way, customers who want to get into the holiday spirit will choose your product over the competitors once they see it is themed.
Add Holiday Symbols
You can actually get your packaging ready for the holidays with minor changes. Keep your overall design and color scheme the same to maintain your branding image and make some small adjustments in the form of holiday-related symbols. Maybe add a Christmas tree, holiday wreath, or reindeer to your packaging. Alternatively, keep it festive without any specific religion with things like snowflakes, snowmen, and sleds. Seeing these symbols can make people feel more inspired to buy the product since they will match their mood.
Create a Limited Edition
Whether you just adjust your packaging or you also change your product slightly, customers will be drawn in by any special-edition or limited-edition packaging. This type of marketing always works due to simple psychology. If people know that something won’t be available for long or is only offered in limited quantities, they will want it even if they didn’t before. Depending on what you sell, a holiday special edition may even become a collectible, making people want to buy it as a potential investment.
Plan Your Run Early
One of the key things about getting your packaging ready for the holidays is making sure it is on the shelves early enough. You can start taking advantage of the holidays a month or even more before they actually happen, so you want your product ready. While some of the best companies offer quick turnaround times, even with short runs, you don’t want to leave it to the last minute. By planning and making the packaging early, you have time to test it out and make any minor adjustments you need before it hits the shelves and can take advantage of the entire holiday season.

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