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What Trends Will Packaging See In The New Year?

If there is one thing that we can all count on in life, it is that everything changes and very little stays the same. This is as true of packaging as it is of anything else. Just think back a few years to how things looked compared with today. If you visit an antique store or museum, you will see even greater changes in the way consumer goods have been packaged throughout the years. So how will things change in the upcoming year? Predicting the future is only speculation, but we can consider some possibilities.


As it becomes more and more popular to be environmentally friendly, packaging will surely take to that trend even more than it has done already in the past. Recycled materials are being utilized more often. Soy-based inks are becoming more popular. Creating sturdy packaging that is reusable should be on the agenda as well. Making containers more biodegradable and creating ones that break down more quickly would be something to give serious consideration to in the coming year.

Continuing The Theme

The concept that “less is more” should be a goal in the packaging industry for the new year. Eliminating excess packaging without sacrificing durability and shipping safety should be at the top of everyone’s list. With less packaging to dispose of, there will be less trash to fill up our landfills and you will be continuing the green theme.

Phasing Out Plastics

Since plastics take longer to disintegrate than cardboard or paperboard does, packaging designers could take into consideration the design of packaging that cuts back on, or eliminates entirely, blister packs or other uses of plastics in packaging. Certain items would also pack nicely in glass. Many food items that used to come in glass now come in plastic, such as mayonnaise jars, ketchup bottles, and soda pop bottles. Glass containers can have many lives after their initial use. Glass mayonnaise jars made great canning jars, but the plastic ones just get thrown away.

Graphics Trends

Color trends change from year to year or decade to decade, as do graphics. Expect graphics to be updated to reflect the changing world around us. A possibility is that after years of continual “modernization,” that there could be a trend to go retro. We’ve seen a little of that already, but that could increase as more and more people long for the “good old days.”



With constant increases in prices, both of raw materials, of manufacturing, and in shipping costs, packaging will adapt to deal with these costs. Lighter weight materials can reduce shipping costs, but the lighter materials will have to increase in strength and durability to compensate. We have already seen some of this in plastic envelopes or pouches, some of which are nearly impossible to tear.

Whatever direction the packaging trends take for the upcoming year, you can count on SoOPAK to stay abreast of the changes and help you to create the best possible packaging for your products. Our graphic designers will work with you to achieve your goals in new packaging.

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