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What Is an Auto Bottom Box and Examples of How to Use Them

As you work to design your product packaging, you will have your choice of box styles to choose from. One of the very popular categories is auto bottom boxes. Learning more about these boxes, including when and how to use them, will help you decide if they are the right option for your product. 

What Are Auto Bottom Boxes?

To put it simply, you don’t need to use tape or glue to seal an auto bottom box. The bottom relies on pre-glued tabs to seal shut. Essentially, you just have to fold the box into its proper position. This will cause the bottom closure to pop into place and the pre-applied glue to seal the box. 

Advantages of Auto Bottom Boxes

Many product manufacturers appreciate the ease of use that comes from auto bottom boxes. They are much quicker to fold into place than many other styles. This is true whether you do it by hand or with an automatic machine. 

Auto bottom boxes also tend to be sturdier than some other types of boxes because of their glue. With other box types, you could add glue for extra security, but that would take time.  

Like many other box styles, auto bottom boxes also ship flat. This is not necessarily an unusual trait, but it is useful. It saves space when shipping your packaging without the product inside, which translates into reduced shipping costs and a lower environmental impact. 

Caveats to Remember

While auto bottom boxes are great for many companies, you should also keep in mind that they can take slightly longer to produce and cost more. This comes from the extra step of the packaging manufacturer pre-applying the glue. For many companies, however, the advantages outweigh these negatives. 

When to Use Auto Bottom Boxes

Technically, you can use auto bottom boxes in any situation that you want to. However, there are a few situations when they become the best or one of the best choices. 

With Heavy Products

If your product is heavy in comparison to the size of the packaging, then an auto bottom box is a good choice. This comes from the extra support that the pre-glued tabs provide. Think of that glue as a simple way to provide extra strength if your product is a bottled liquid, made of metal, or similarly heavy despite being compact. 

With Light Products Displayed on Shelves

The opposite is also true, meaning you should also consider auto bottom boxes for light products. This is particularly the case if they will be displayed in tall stacks or sit on narrow shelves. In this case, the box style will add stability and ensure the bottom of the box is flat. 

With Automated Filling

As mentioned, you can use auto bottom boxes with manual or automatic filling methods. While it is an option for manual filling, it is almost essential for automatic filling. That is because many of the automated solutions actually require this box style. 

With Manual Filling If Speed Matters

Even if you fill your boxes manually, opting for auto bottom boxes is smart, as it will save time. 

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