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When to Consider Printing Inside Your Cartons as Well as on the Outside

When most people think of the design and words printed on their product packaging, they picture the exterior of the packaging. Despite that, there are plenty of situations where you may want to print text or images inside your packaging as well. 

The good news is that opting for custom boxes makes it easy to choose to print inside the box in addition to on the outside. That means that it is not hard to find a packaging manufacturer that lets you include text inside your box, if you decide that does make sense for you. Here are some reasons why it might be the right choice. 

You Want to Enhance the Unboxing Experience

With the rise of social media, unboxing videos and photos have become incredibly popular. Even if your customers aren’t likely to post their unboxing experience on social media, you may still want to make it memorable or at least happier. Enhancing the unboxing process with printing inside the carton is a subtle way to connect with customers. 

You Want to Reinforce Your Branding

Any company, regardless of industry, can use interior printing as a way to reinforce its branding. There are multiple ways that you can use this. Maybe you will just continue the branding and color scheme from the exterior of the box on the inside. Or maybe you’ll print your logo or company name there. 

No matter how you use it, interior printing will reinforce your branding, as it will give customers one more instance of seeing your logo, name, or color scheme. 

You Want Customers to Feel Appreciated 

Even though printing on the inside of your packaging doesn’t require much more time or effort, it gives the impression that it does to customers. The idea that you put extra effort into the packaging and maybe spent extra money on it, however little that was, makes customers feel special. 

You can achieve this goal even if you just print your logo or a pattern inside the box. You can take it to the next level with a thank-you message inside the box. 

You Have More to Say But Don’t Want to Clutter the Exterior

There’s also a chance that you simply need to print on the inside of the box because you have more information to share with customers than you want to put on the exterior of the packaging. For example, maybe you will print detailed use instructions inside. 

You Don’t Want to Put Anything on the Exterior

This may be true regardless of how much content you print on the outside of the box. Some brands take this to an extreme and leave the exterior of the packaging blank or nearly blank and put all of their branding and product information inside the box. 

If you take that minimalist approach, there’s the added benefit of deterring thefts if your product is delivered in its packaging. 

You Want the Packaging to Be Discreet

This minimalist method is also a great option if your product is something that consumers would prefer to be discreet about. For example, maybe you are in the pharmaceutical industry and respect patient privacy. Remember that discretion isn’t limited to any industry. People may want to be discreet about jewelry, electronics, beauty products, wine, or other items if they are gifts. 

So, do any of these reasons fit your company’s packaging ideals? If so, interior printing with SoOPAK is the way to go.

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