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The Importance of Packaging for Your Marketing

If you think of your product packaging as just a way to ensure that your product gets safely to its destination, you are missing out on valuable marketing opportunities. That is because the design of your packaging can have a significant impact on your ability to sell your product. It is one way that you can stand out from competitors and draw in potential customers. It also helps you convince one-time purchasers to continue buying from you. 

Your Packaging Draws Attention

The biggest way that your packaging is part of your marketing strategy is that it helps your product stand out from the competition on the shelves. This is true for both in-store shoppers and those who order items online. 

You want your packaging to make the function of your product recognizable but to look unique from the competition. This will be the push shoppers need to pick up your product (in the store) or click on it (online) and take a closer look. 

Your Packaging Outlines Your Advantages

Once your packaging grabs the attention of shoppers, the details on it are there to convince them to choose your product. This is where the claims that you choose to include come into play. Any official claims will have to follow the relevant legal guidelines, but you can also make suggestions or statements that outline the benefits to your customers. 

Think of this as the final step in the process of convincing shoppers to choose your product. 

Your Packaging Tells Customers What to Expect

In addition to outlining the advantages of your product, your packaging also simply gives customers a clear idea of what your product is and what to expect. That typically comes from an image of your product on the packaging, likely with the product in-use in the image so shoppers can see how they will use it. Sometimes, the idea of what to expect comes from using windows or transparent packaging. 

Your Packaging Shows the Quality of Your Product

Most shoppers prioritize the quality of the products they buy or at least strike a balance between quality and price. Your packaging plays a crucial role in this, as it is one of the shoppers’ first impressions of your product. 

What constitutes high-quality packaging will vary by industry. There are design trends as well as material trends to consider. For example, sturdier materials typically indicate higher-quality products. 

Your Packaging Can Offset Price With Reusability

Depending on your product and your packaging, you can use the fact that it is reusable as a convincing argument to convince shoppers to choose you over the competition. The fact that your box can be reused as a gift box, your beverage container can be reused as a cup, or your candle jar can have a second life as a vase is a selling point. It adds value to your product. 

Your Packaging Influences Customer Satisfaction

You also need to remember that your product packaging will influence the opinion of your customers. For example, if your packaging doesn’t protect your product and it is consistently damaged, you will have poor reviews. The same may be true if your packaging is hard to open. You can improve reviews and the positive brand reputation that comes with them by ensuring the package fits your customers’ preferences, from ease of use to protecting the product. 

Overall, the right packaging can give a great boost to your brand and help you make more sales. 

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