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Using These Tips For Cutting Packaging Costs

When you run a business, you want to take whatever steps you can to cut costs. After all, the less you pay for supplies, manufacturing, and advertisement, the more you will be able to make with the same amount of sales. Packaging is an often-overlooked way to save money. You just need to follow a few simple tips to start reducing the cost of packaging your products.

Reduce the Size of the Package

One of the best ways to save money on your packaging is to reduce the size of it. Doing so can reduce costs in two different ways. First of all, smaller packaging will cost less to manufacture since fewer materials are required. You get extra savings when it comes time to ship your product since more of the item can fit in a shipping crate, truck, or other cargo vehicle. Since shipping rates are determined by both size and weight, reducing the size can save you extra money. It shouldn’t be a challenge to move down in size since packaging companies offer an incredible range, even within a given industry.

As a bonus, smaller packages also allow more of your product to fit on the shelves in stores within the same amount of space. When more of your product is on display, there is a better chance of a sale since the retailer doesn’t have to refill the shelves as often.

Opt for New Materials

To save even more money, consider the type of materials that you are using. Shipping materials have become more advanced over the years, with even simple things like cardboard becoming sturdier. If you are still using older versions of packaging materials, they may be weaker and even more expensive. New materials rely on innovative manufacturing techniques that can cut costs. Additionally, they tend to be stronger, making it less likely that your product will be damaged in transit or even that the packaging will be damaged; in either situation, you would have to replace the product and/or packaging and lose money.

Think of Cost per Application

When it comes to the additional materials you need for your packaging, such as tape or glue, consider the cost per application instead of the cost per unit. High-quality tape, for example, may be more expensive for every box you buy, but you will be able to use less of it on each package. Therefore, you may end up spending the same amount or even saving money by swapping out your low-quality tape for a higher-quality alternative, even if it costs more upfront.

Only Order What You Need

Finally, a great way to cut your packaging costs is to only order the number of boxes or containers that you actually need. Some packaging manufacturers have high minimum orders, but this doesn’t work for small businesses. What happens if you order the minimum of several thousand but only need 500 or so before you decide to change your design? You lose money on unused packaging. You can avoid this by ordering just the amount you need from a company that specializes in short runs. For example, SoOPAK can handle orders as small as 500 boxes.

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