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Ultimate Guide to Product Packaging

It is famously said that the, “first impression is the last” and this applies perfectly to products. Whether it is retail or an e-commerce business, products make the initial impact. The very first thing that appeals to your customers and the first form of engagement with the product is via the packaging. It’s true, the packaging of the product builds the perception. If the packaging appeals to the customer, the product is perceived to be good.

Research suggests that quality packaging can lead to the return of 52% of the existing customers and 74% of them are more likely to share the product on their social media. And why not? Social media is at an all-time rise. With the evolution of stories on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and several other platforms, customers have the ability to share what appeals to them, any minute of the day. With customer feedback, brands introduce innovative ideas and designs that go parallel with their brand integration and product perception.

In this blog, we discuss important points to note for product packaging. Without further ado, let’s get right to it:

Start Off with The Concept:

Before diving into the practical procedure. You need to first understand all the things on paper. Start with the “general to specific” approach. While mind mapping about the product packaging. You need the basic product information and estimates. These estimates can be summed up into two questions generally.

  • What is the product?
  • What is your budget?

These two basics are the starting point for your conceptualization

You need to briefly know about your product covering all the descriptions, precautions and categories. Product Packaging is decided on the basis of products that you have. Another important factor: the budget. The budget plays an important role in deciding the directions. Remember: “Spending on product is investment in business”.

Analyze the Box to Product Size

After getting through all the conceptualization. You need to pick a perfect and easy box size for your product that may not damage the product and it remains safe and secure inside. But before going to the box size. You must know the type of box that you are going to need.

Choose The Type

There are several types of product packaging available. You can use any of them depending upon your product. Your product fits into one of these packaging:

  • Folding Carton: Lightweight to carry and flexible to use.
  • Corrugated packaging: Highly suitable for the heavyweight products.
  • Paper bags and Poly Mailers: Most cost-effective packaging for smaller products.

The Necessary Protection

A product when sold to a customer becomes much more than a product. It then becomes a brand identity. That’s why it is supposed to reach the customer, the way it’s manufactured. Certain protective measures includingfoams, and cardboard insertions need to be taken. All these, when inserted in the product adds more protection to it.

A Spectacular Print and Quality Design:

We understand that you’ve invested a lot in your product and that you don’t want your customers to be disappointed. This is mainly the reason why you want to engulf your customers with the very first visual impression of your product. A creative, eye catching print and design will make sure that the product is worth what it deserves. Just remember, your designs need to be in accordance to the product.

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