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How to Choose the Right Custom Product Packaging

We have all wanted to send a product to a place or a company. And, we usually think that any box we have in hand can be used for shipping. Are you sure about it? Think again! For example:

  • Will it be stacked, the bumpy ride it will receive, or the holes in the interior, and many others. 
  • How many boxes do I need to send my products to the customer? 
  • What characteristics should this packaging have? 

When you start your e-commerce business, you always ask yourself these kinds of questions. You don’t know if you are going to have enough space in the store and you probably don’t know what you need. 

So what is the best custom product packaging solution?

Here are the 7 key points to consider when choosing the right custom product packaging. We hope they help you.

  1. Determine how the product is

There are several issues to consider when choosing the right box for the product we want to pack, we leave you a small list:

  • State (solid, liquid).
  • Dimensions.
  • Weight-volume ratio.
  • Fragility goes directly inside the box or has protection elements.
  • Specific conservation needs that you require.
  • Weight of the product.
  • Internal structure

Will your product go baggy in the box? Or is it embedded? Is it made of different materials? Any fragile or very fragile? And the shape, is it geometric or is it abstract? Here it is crucial to choose the appropriate packaging material. Think that the product can get damaged, so it is vital to assess the different types of filling and form of custom packaging to ensure that it is as protected as possible.

  • Storage of the boxes

Take into account whether the cardboard packaging is going to be stored on shelves or is going to be stacked. Since the weight that the cardboard box has to bear depends on it. Did you think about it?

  • The type of custom packaging we are going to use

Define what form to have, format, dimensions, the thickness of the box, the opening, the possibility of reuse. 

  • Go Eco-friendly 

We remind you that environmental protection, care for the planet, energy-saving and waste minimization are reasons that have led to the market. The most prominent manufacturers in the market prefer reusable packaging. Thus, cardboard boxes become an excellent option. Being responsible is the order of the day; there are no excuses. You sign up?

  • The external design of the box.

Do you already know what the best custom packaging for your product is? It is time to see the type of identification that we want to appear. In addition to the brand image, we recommend graphic symbols regarding the handling, storage or transport to ensure that the product arrives in the best possible conditions. For example: 

  • If the product we ship is fragile, you should include symbols that warn of it so that the person who moves it is careful.
  • Once we know the symbols that we want to appear on the packaging, we will choose the type of printing, phlebography, and offset, digital).
  • At this point, we highlight the importance of personalization, an increasingly integrated trend in our day to day. 
  • Transportation and delivery

Determine the type of transport in which custom boxes will go to their destination. If it will be land, sea, air? In addition to determining if the shipment will be in boxes or on full pallets. 

It is clear that packaging is an essential part of logistics, both at the level of operations, as well as costs and user experience. Your top priority is that the product reaches its destination in perfect condition, so the packaging must have maximum protection, in addition to offering a professional image. 

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