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Tips For Creating Awesome Pop Retail Displays

Retail displays are one way to attract and retain customers. Some shoppers can’t explain it but they find they prefer to shop in a particular store rather than others where they can find the same products even if their preferred store may be further away.  Retail displays are one way retailers stand out and appeal to customers, sometimes subconsciously.
The best retail displays will have the following features:

  • The windows shine and tell a story: If eyes are windows to the soul, then a window display is the key to catching a buyer’s eye. Retailers who dress their windows to tell a story and sell an idea sell more. The idea could be to sell appeal during Valentine’s Day in the form of a lingerie and perfume display. At Christmas, it could be gift giving suggested with boxed but opened gifts for everyone such as toys for young ones, electronics for teens, shoes for Mum and perhaps a watch for Dad.  Color and space rather clutter are key for window displays. Soopak retail display box solutions which can be customized can be used to make outstanding window displays.
  • A lasting first impression: Retail displays must arrest the attention and interest of buyers who would otherwise have gone on to some specific aisles or walked by the store. They should therefore be placed up front, near the entrance rather than further in. Products that are displayed out of the box with an attendant to interact with are also pullers. Soopak makes customized counter display boxes that are attractive and attention catching.
  • Right turn: Displays should be placed such that they steer customers to the right of the entrance. Scientific research has revealed that most people have the natural tendency to first look left and then right when they enter a store and this is the direction they tend to move in. Studies have also revealed that shoppers tend to move around the store counter-clockwise rather than clockwise.
  • Take the lead:  Displays should also lead the customer somewhere. They can lead to the aisle where the displayed products are shelved and perhaps where another attendant is present to interact with about the product.
  • Angled display: Laying out aisles in stores parallel to exterior walls is an efficient way to use up space. However, greater interest can be created by angling aisles. For instance, aisles could angle in from both sides and towards a central aisle. This would form an arrow-like layout that ends in a display at a back wall. However, an angled approach should only be taken if the aisles will still have enough room for customers to comfortably navigate through them with shopping carts. One way to do this is with customized Soopak display stands and boxes which can be designed and arranged at an angle.
  • Give customers a break:  Long aisles that go on and on without anything striking and attention-grabbing do not get attention.  This is why retail displays should be placed in between to create a visual break. It is also an effective way to remind customers about the display and perhaps special offer they saw up front at the entrance.
  • Hold your customers: You can do this literary by making round and U-shaped retail displays. People respond to this shape because they subconsciously tend to move into a circle which is comforting and protective, much like the circle of a hug. Some stores do this by putting up U-shaped partial walls on some displays.

It is well worth it for a retail store to invest in striking retail displays and to frequently keep changing things up.

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