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Professional Graphic Design & Branding For Your Boxes And Packaging Needs

Graphic design and Branding is an Achilles heel for many businesses. There are just too many similar products in the market so it becomes very difficult to leave your mark. Thanks to SoOPAK’s professional graphic designers, it’s now possible to uniquely design your boxes and packages which should help you forge ahead of your competition.

Here are the 4 key principles when creating new branding and design works for your business:

1.Clarity and Simplicity

Clarity is defined as the state of being clear or lucid to perception or understanding. If something is clear, that thing must be free from indistinctness or ambiguity. Simplicity refers to the quality of being easy to understand. Something that is simple is plain and not complicated. When shopping, shoppers will be influenced by two critical factors; what the product is used for and the brand behind that product.
Unfortunately, most designers, in an attempt to introduce luxury or showiness, end up compromising these two critical qualities which in turn compromises a products ability to attract customers. SoOPAK designers know that shoppers only take an average of 4 seconds on each product on the shelf. So instead of dwelling on unhelpful clutter, they will dedicate more effort to making products more visible on the shelves.


You would agree that the product and paper are two different things until the item is inside the package. Many manufacturers and their designers will sometimes use this loophole to deceive their consumers by packaging an item in a completely misleading package. For example, a manufacture may conspire with their designer to pack chocolate flavored biscuits in a package marked “Cookie Drenched Chocolate.”  Although this may work well to earn you a few customers in the short term, unless you’re looking to make a quick profit by cheating consumers, people will soon find out and no one will want to ever buy your products again. SoOPAK as a whole and our designers are honest, trustworthy people. We believe that what you see on the package is what you should find in the inside.


Authenticity is being real, un-copied, and genuine. Of course authenticity is very difficult to achieve.  It requires a high level of creativity; you have to think outside the box. There are so many products in the market competing for the same buyers and each will come up with its own designs in a bid to sway shoppers. So it no longer rests at just doing the opposite of what manufacturer X does such as using vertical lines anytime they use horizontals. You can trust SoOPAK designers to help you uncover distinctive, attractive, marketable designs for long-term shelf impact.


When you set on a journey to sell a product, you’ll be looking to trade in that item for a long time to come; probably as long as it can earn you a profit. However, you also know that consumer tastes will change with time. Not that they will stop loving your soup or canned meat, but as they see others coming into the market with similar products packaged in more enticing ways, their heads could easily be turned. In order to remain in business, you’ll need to adjust your graphics accordingly. This may also be the case if you want to expand your range of products.
This journey usually starts much earlier than you could imagine. You need designs that can be given a new face and they will still be effective and marketable.


Instead of trying out new ways, designers will usually go with what is tried and tested. That is why hiring a experienced and professional design team should always be the best option for your new business.

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