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When you start designing your food packaging, you will need to consider a large number of factors. In addition to following all federal safety and sanitation requirements, you also want to make sure that the packaging you design will appeal to your target clients. Although the design process seems daunting, keeping the following points in mind can it make easier — and turn your packaging into an effective marketing tool.


The very first thing you need to consider when designing the packaging for your food item, or any other product, is your brand. If you have already built up a brand identity, then be sure that the packaging follows it. This means that you should include your company logo and name as well as try to follow the same color scheme, design layout, and/or font found on your other products. This will allow your packaging to serve as an advertisement for your food item as well as protect it.

Clarity and Relevance

Customers tend to have a short attention span when looking at potential foods to buy, so although you want your packaging to be eye-catching, you also need to keep it clear. If the packaging is cluttered with words and images, potential clients will quickly lose interest. Instead, select clear fonts and colors and make the crucial information easily visible. This crucial information includes the product, ingredients, preparation instructions (when necessary), and possibly some brand history.

Function and Form

In order for your food packaging design to be successful, it needs to be functional. This means that it must protect your food item, keeping it fresh and allowing it to sit on the shelf in a store without a problem. Also related to form and function is ensuring that your product and its packaging will arrive at the store or final destination in the same condition that they leave the warehouse. The easiest way to do this is to select packaging from a quality and well-respected packaging company.


You always want to make convenience a priority when selling a product, but this is especially true for food items. As people get busier, their patience decreases, and so does the time they have to prepare food items or repackage them. This means that the best food products will be easy to carry and resealable. If your item can be prepared in the microwave, package it in a microwaveable container.

Showing the Food

Since customers don’t get the chance to taste your product when at the grocery store, you want to give them the chance to see it. You have two main options when it comes to showing off your food item. The first is to opt for at least partially transparent packaging. The second is to include a picture of the food item. Generally speaking, clients will prefer to actually see the food, so it is ideal to opt for transparent packaging or a box that includes a window cutout.


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