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Creating your ideal packaging is about more than selecting a box style and then throwing on your logo and the product name. It requires a great deal of planning in order to make your product successful, and that means doing research. Part of that research is staying on top of consumer trends, as these will guide how you should create your product’s wrapping. Here are some of the current trends for 2015 that you should keep in mind.

Picking Products with Style

Consumers are starting to prefer convenience products, such as foods or drinks that they can take on the go and eat or drink while walking, driving, or riding the subway. Because they use the product directly in its original packaging, they will be more likely to pick an option that is stylish. Essentially, convenience products have become another accessory, and if your clients are likely to take selfies or will be seen by others while using your product, they will be more likely to pick a product that looks good.

Environmental Concern

Another consumer trend is the increasing concern for the environment, which has actually been a consideration within the last few years. The vast majority of consumers within developed countries are at least a little concerned about the environment. This means that by taking small steps, such as opting for environmentally friendly packaging and stating that fact on your project, you can increase your customer base and their loyalty.

Living in the City

If you look at demographic trends for the last few years, more and more people are moving to cities. Since space is scarce in cities, these consumers will want smaller packaging, especially if they go home from shopping via public transportation. To appeal to these city dwellers, you need your product to have durable packaging that can survive a trip on public transportation. You also want to have smaller sizes available, even if you keep the larger ones for bulk shoppers.

Digital Shopping

With technological developments, more people are choosing to do their shopping online. In some cases, they will look for a specific product by brand name, but they may also do a general product search, such as for “soap” or “candles.” In the case of searches, you need your product to stand out visually, especially since a great deal of shopping takes place on smartphones and tablets. The best way to do this is to create a visually appealing package that is almost a billboard for your product. With bold colors and eye-catching graphics, you should be able to get the attention of these mobile shoppers.

Looking for Simple Packaging

A final consumer trend in 2015 to be aware of is simplicity. Younger and older target audiences in particular want simpler packaging, because they may have problems with strength and/or dexterity and don’t want to have to ask for assistance. If you are creating a product for either of these groups, try to keep it simple so it is the right size, easy to hold, and intuitive to open.


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