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The Sustainable Packaging Trend for Folding Carton Packaging

There has been an increase in the push for sustainability in product packaging across all industries. This means something slightly different, depending on your specific packaging needs and the box style that you use. Explore what it means for folding carton packaging. 

How to Make Folding Carton Packaging Sustainable

There are multiple methods to make folding carton packaging more sustainable. 

Choosing the Right Paperboard

The first step to sustainability for folding cartons is to choose the right paperboard. There are numerous eco-friendly options, but the key is to look for products made from recycled fiber. You also want to look for paperboard that is reusable or recyclable. 

Choosing Other Eco-friendly Products

Folding carton packaging frequently includes other materials as well. For example, you use glue to keep it together or filling to keep products in place and prevent damage to them. You can extend the sustainability of your packaging by choosing eco-friendly products for this as well. 

Look to products made using recyclable materials or that are compostable, when possible. At the very least, consider products that were produced with eco-friendly methods. Look for materials made with minimal energy consumption and waste. 

Make It Reusable

One of the best ways to make your packaging sustainable is to encourage consumers to reuse it for another purpose. You can intentionally design it to be reused and even offer suggestions of how to do so right on the packaging. 

Reasons for the Sustainability Trend

But why should you incorporate sustainability into your folding carton packaging? There are several reasons for this trend. 

Consumer Demand

One of the biggest drivers of the sustainability trend is the increase in consumer demand. People are becoming increasingly aware of our impact on the planet and making changes to reduce theirs. This includes pushing companies to be eco-friendly. 

While part of the reason consumers want companies to be eco-friendly is to reduce their own carbon footprint, they are also increasingly aware of the fact that a handful of big companies account for most of the negative impact on the planet. This has led to overall demand for eco-friendly options. Some of it is to hold those large companies accountable, and another aspect is so consumers can get more options themselves. In the case of your business, if you follow the eco-friendliness trend, consumers will see you as a sustainable alternative to those major companies. 

Simply put, failing to adopt sustainable practices can hurt your competitive advantage. You may lose current customers to competitors or fail to attract new ones. 

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

There are also ethical reasons to use more sustainable packaging, mostly related to the planet. Big companies are the driving force behind climate change, and by making even small eco-friendly swaps, your company can reduce its impact. 

No Shortage of Options

On top of everything else, sustainable folding carton packaging offers just as many options as less sustainable options. While you may need to change materials slightly, you can find something very similar to the type you originally used. This can be in terms of texture, thickness, durability, and even price. 

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