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Take a Closer Look at Frito-Lay’s Compostable Packaging and What It Means for the Packaging Industry

No matter the product you sell, you can look to major brands across industries to see packaging trends. The recent inclusion of fully-compostable packaging in Frito-Lay’s product lineup is one of these pieces of inspiration. It highlights the push toward sustainability. 

Even if your brand can’t realistically switch to compostable packaging yet, it’s worth finding out more about this trend. Learning more about the change for Frito-Lay can provide inspiration. It also highlights the importance of listening to consumers’ environmental concerns. 

What to Know About the Compostable Packaging

Frito-Lay first announced plans for compostable packaging in the fall of 2021. The brand has continued to make headlines since then. 

The initial compostable bags are for the company’s Off the Eaten Path brand. At launch, you could find the relevant snacks in their compostable packaging at Whole Foods Market as well as other select retailers. 

How The Bags Help the Planet

This compostable packaging helps the planet in a few ways. To start, the process of manufacturing the bags generates about 60% less GHG emissions compared to traditional packaging. Of course, they are also compostable. As such, they won’t end up in landfills. 

The Composting Program

The new compostable packaging comes along with a composting program. The packaging is mostly from plant-based sources that are not food. Customers can drop the packaging off at a local drop-off location for composting. Or they can mail it to a composting center with a prepaid shipping label. 

The specific Off the Eaten Path brand also pledged to donate $1 to the Ocean Conservancy for each specially-marked compostable bag returned by May 30, 2022. This donation is capped at $192,000. 

The Technology Is Available to Other Companies 

While the technology comes from PepsiCo, other companies can license the technology. This comes at no cost. This is part of Frito-Lay’s efforts to drive sustainability and reduce packaging waste. 

Part of a Larger PepsiCo Goal

Frito-Lay aims to design packaging that is 100% biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, or reusable by 2025. This is part of the PepsiCo Positive (pep+) goal. This transformation prioritizes sustainability at every level of the process. From sustainable packaging to sustainable ingredients, it is a lofty goal. 

What It Means for Other Companies

The compostable packaging in Frito-Lay’s product lineup emphasizes the importance of sustainability. Consumers are increasingly choosing companies that show social and environmental responsibility. Even just making small changes to improve the sustainability of your product or packaging can have a significant impact on your sales. 

Overall, people are becoming more eco-conscious, and they tend to support brands that share the same values. Even if you can’t feasibly use compostable packaging for your product, you can look into making it recyclable or reusable. You can also use recycled materials. At the very least, you should evaluate the environmental impact of your product packaging life cycle. 

When you make improvements to your packaging’s eco-friendliness, let shoppers know. This will help boost product sales. 


Frito-Lay’s sub-brand Off the Eaten Path has fully compostable packaging. While this isn’t attainable for many companies, it highlights the importance of sustainability. To stay ahead of the competition and help the planet, your company should make eco-friendly packaging choices whenever possible. 

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