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Start Planning 2020 Packaging That Incorporates These Trends

As 2020 is now only a few months away, it is the perfect time to start considering how you will update your packaging when the new year arrives. Packaging trends will continue to change in 2020 and beyond, so it is important to stay updated. This way, you can offer your clients fresh packaging that helps your product fly off the shelves and encourages sales. As you start planning your packaging for 2020, keep these upcoming trends in mind. Some of them will be familiar, while others are new.

Being Environmentally Conscious

Being environmentally conscious is already a strong trend in the world of product packaging. In most industries, this will continue into 2020 and beyond. Consumers are demanding that manufacturers opt for more eco-friendly processes and materials. If you miss out on the reuse, reduce, and recycle trend, you will likely find yourself with dropping sales as consumers choose other products over yours.

E-commerce Friendliness

Another major trend that will continue and likely grow in 2020 is the idea of making product packaging that works well with e-commerce as well as in stores. If you sell online, keep in mind that Amazon now requires a three-foot drop test for packages with liquid. No matter how you sell your packages online, you want to ensure that they appeal to online shoppers. Try to create designs that look good when viewed on mobile devices and give crucial info at a glance.

Incorporating Technology

Expect to see more and more technology in product packaging in 2020. Some of this is already arriving, but not on the scale that we will soon have. There are now creative ways to embed technology into the packaging and give consumers confidence in your products. Smart labels, QR codes, or NFC chips, for example, can let consumers track the origins of a product. In the case of food, this can give them confidence that the item is fresh.

Telling a Story

In 2020, consumers will find themselves increasingly drawn to product packaging that tells a story and is emotionally engaging. Emotions tend to have a strong impact on people’s brand decisions, so you should take advantage of this in 2020 and beyond. Emotional appeal can come through imagery, your logo, the tagline, or even the style of the packaging. The emotions could be reminiscence or something else.

Vintage-inspired Packaging

Speaking of emotions of reminiscence, the trend of vintage designs will continue into 2020 with greater strength. You can stick to a design that evokes images of a particular era from the past, or choose something that combines elements of various eras. This type of packaging has far-reaching appeal. Those who were alive during the vintage periods you evoke will remember the good times and be drawn to their past. Younger generations will also feel the appeal, even if they never experienced that time.


People in 2020 will continue to be on the go, so they want portable packaging. This is particularly true with food and drinks packaging, but it can also apply to any other industry. Consider incorporating handles or something that makes the packaging easy to carry, especially on bulky or heavy items.

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