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What to Consider When Creating a Custom Box Insert or Divider

When you design your product packaging, you will have many factors to consider. Most companies focus on the exterior design, but the inside of the packaging can be just as important. You can use custom box inserts or dividers to protect your product and promote customer loyalty.

Inserts present a great opportunity since you are already paying for the packaging. As such, there is no additional cost of bringing your inserts to the customer, other than the materials used. Additionally, placing the insert in the box will provide your target clients with promotions or advertisements that they cannot ignore. After all, they have to move the insert to get to the main product.

Protecting Your Products

One of the primary functions of custom box inserts is to protect your product while it moves through the supply chain. This is particularly important when selling something small or fragile. In that case, you do not want it just rolling around in a box. You can use an insert that has a custom cut-out perfect for your item. This way, it will stay in one spot and still allow you to use uniform packaging. That uniformity of packaging will make things like shipping and stocking shelves in retail stores easier.


As you design the insert, be sure to keep convenience in mind. Your insert should protect the product but not to the point of annoyance. In other words, do not make it too hard for the consumer to get the product out of the insert, or you will undo the benefits of including it in the first place.

Include Promotions, Discounts, and Offers

There are two main categories of inserts in product packaging, and both can include discounts and promotions. If you have a custom insert to hold your product in place, consider printing some sort of advertisement or promotion on it. Alternatively, you could include a piece of paper with a printed discount or offer. Either option should help encourage repeat customers, letting your company build loyalty.

Consider Samples

You should also consider including samples of related products in your inserts. This is a great opportunity to spread the word about a new product. You can even use it to generate excitement for a product that is not out yet, but you have planned for the future. Even if you include samples of products that have been out for a long time, it could be an opportunity to show clients the breadth of your offerings and get them interested in your other products.

Consider Small Gifts

You could even use the insert to your advantage to include a small gift for clients. Some examples of a low-cost gift could be a magnet, pin, bumper sticker, or normal sticker. Any of these could provide your consumers with a sense of value and give you free advertisement when the customer uses it.

Encourage Reviews and Shares

Instead of, or in addition to, including a promotion or offer in the insert, consider including encouragement for your customers to review your product or post on social media. You could even create a hashtag to encourage sharing further.

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