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Who Does Short-Run Packaging Help?

The majority of packaging businesses around the world rely on long packaging runs, and this means producing a great deal of boxes at a time, usually with minimum orders well into the thousands. The main reason for the popularity of long-run packaging is that it helps the packaging manufacturer minimize costs and pass on savings to the buyer. Luckily, however, short-run packaging companies are beginning to appear, and these businesses have unique setups and organization that allow them to offer incredibly affordable packages for short-run packaging, meaning orders as small as 500 boxes.

Short-run packaging is incredibly beneficial to almost everyone, regardless of business size, particularly when you factor in the packaging company’s ability to produce boxes in larger numbers as well. Here are some particular circumstances in which a business will see the most benefit from short-run packaging.

Businesses with Little Capital

If your business is low on funds, something particularly common for smaller or startup companies, then short-run packaging is truly ideal. Because you only need to order 500 boxes at a time, the upfront cost will be much smaller than that of a larger order. This lower cost allows even small local businesses to get the benefits of custom packaging.

Businesses Testing out Packaging

Even larger businesses will have times when they can get help from short-run packaging, and the most common example would be if they want to try a new type of box or container. In this case, they can place an order for 500 (or more) packages and see how the consumers respond. If the packages do well, they can place a larger, second order. If not, they can do another experiment with short-run packaging, but in a different design.

Businesses with Special Promotions

If a business is planning on having a special promotion, it may want to advertise it on its packaging. One good example would be a business advertising right on the product that it is buy one, get one half off for a limited time. As this type of promotion is typically only offered for a short period of time, a large run of packaging isn’t necessary.

Businesses During Special Events and Holidays

A similar case would be during special events or holidays. Many companies like to boost sales during the holiday season by swapping out their standard packaging for a festive variation, but depending on the size of your company, this isn’t always feasible, as most packaging firms would require you to order too many units. Short-run packaging, however, is perfect for small to medium businesses looking to offer special packaging for their products during the holiday season or other yearly events.

Businesses with Limited Storage

Even some large businesses will have limited storage, and that can be a very limiting factor when it comes to packaging. Going with a short-run option lets you order in small quantities so you can always keep a small amount of boxes on hand, without having to dedicate an entire room to their storage. Best of all, experienced short-run companies, such as SoOPak, offer short turnaround (of around 15 days), so you never have to wait long if you realize too late that your stock of boxes is getting low.

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