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Characteristics Of A Top Packaging Company

When you are selling a product, it is important to select the right packaging company. Your packaging is the first thing that potential buyers will see when they glance at your product on the shelf of their local store or online. The package is also responsible for keeping the product safe so it arrives to the customer in one piece. Because of these two important factors, it is essential to find a top packaging company. Knowing what characteristics a top option will have will give you an idea of what exactly to look for.

Short-Run Options

All top packaging companies will offer a range of run sizes, ranging from shorter runs with just a few hundred or maybe 1,000 products to larger runs with thousands of products. While the value of a short run is obvious for small companies with fewer sales and clients, they are actually beneficial to large companies as well, as they let them test out new packaging ideas. Any top packaging firm should offer these short-run options so they can truly cater to businesses of all sizes.


Another trait you will notice in a top packaging company is the ability to customize a product. Some of the cheapest packaging firms will simply offer set styles and sizes for boxes and other containers, without even the ability to customize the color or logo on it, requiring you to spend additional time personalizing the boxes. On the other end of the spectrum are the best companies, and these will let you select the style, size, designs, logos, color schemes, and even cutouts so you can truly create product packaging that no one else in the industry has.

Quality Products

As a given, the top packaging businesses will of course produce quality products. Their products must be able to stand up to the wear and tear of shipping and storage as well as last when sitting on a shelf. One of the best ways to tell if a company produces quality packaging is to read customer reviews. These will indicate whether clients were satisfied with their decision to work with this particular company and whether or not it is truly a top packaging company.

Quick Turnaround

Most people realize that if you are making a large packaging order, you may have to wait a reasonable amount of time to receive it. The best packaging companies, however, will be able to offer a quick turnaround, and the amount of time this includes depends on such factors as the number of boxes and the details involved. Short-run firms, for example, should be able to offer a turnaround period of 15 days or less.

Environmentally Friendly Options

A final characteristic of a top packaging company is its ability to offer several environmentally friendly options. You should, however, expect these options to sometimes cost a bit more than the less environmentally friendly options. Despite this, most companies will at least take small steps to offer greener packaging so that even if you have a large order, it won’t have a large impact on the planet.

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