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Impact of IFS PACsecure for Folding Carton Company


Beneco Packaging and SoOPAK, its online subsidiary, recently became IFS PACsecure certified. The certification confirms the high standards that the company always strives to reach.

The Reasons for the Certification

Beneco Packaging has 35 years of experience with folding cartons, packaging, and printing. Over the years, the company’s customer base has continued growing. The company realized that IFS PACsecure would provide what the growing number of food and pharmaceutical packaging customers are looking for.

The company was already following high standards for safety and has always understood how vital third-party food safety certification is. When discussing the best way to ensure future success, it became clear that some of the most significant opportunities for the folding-carton packaging are in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Most companies in these industries will only work with packaging companies with some sort of accreditation to confirm the safety of the packaging for food and pharmaceuticals. This knowledge led to the decision that Beneco and SoOPAK would work towards IFS PACsecure certification.

About IFS PACsecure

The IFS in IFS PACsecure now stands for International Featured Standard, but at its launch in 2003, it stood for International Food Standard and was the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). IFS PACsecure is the result of a cooperation between the Packaging Consortium (PAC) and the IFS.

Those who meet the standard must adhere to the GFSI guidelines. The certification also works towards reducing costs and time spent. It makes food supply chains comparable and creates standard evaluations and benchmarks. The program works with IFS audit staff and SAI Global Assurance Services to give additional strength to accreditation as IFS PACsecure.

The IFS PACsecure certification also comes with HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) and GFSI certification, which are highly desired accreditations.

The Certification Was Fast

Beneco was already well on its way to complying with the IFS PACsecure standards. It enabled the company to receive certification incredibly quickly. The goal was set in February 2019, and by September, Beneco had the certification. This is a record-breaking time for the IFS certification, as most companies take much longer.

Some of this came from the fact that Beneco and SoOPAK already had high standards in place. The efficiency was also because the company prioritized this certification, and allocated resources.

What IFS PACsecure Means for Beneco and SoOPAK

As a folding-carton and packaging company, Beneco’s IFS PACsecure certification makes it easier to show potential customers that the company takes standards and safety seriously. This also helps Beneco stand out from the crowd, especially among customers who have higher standards for their vendors.

Can Meet Strict Client Standards

The certification shows that Beneco and SoOPAK can meet the strictest quality and safety standards of customers. Potential customers do not need to independently verify this fact as the certification does so for them.

Essentially, the certification gives customers peace of mind knowing that Beneco produces high-quality packaging that meets the global standards.

It Is Particularly Important Now

Given the current climate and the heightened demands for top safety and quality in packaging and products, the IFS PACsecure certification should allow companies to work with Beneco and SoOPAK with confidence.

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