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From Designers to Manufacturers: Who’s Involved in the Product Packaging Process

Creating product packaging involves an entire team of people working together and interacting to bring your designs to fruition. Different people are involved at various stages of the process, with some of them participating in more than one stage. Take a closer look at who’s involved and when during the process they play a role. 

A Quick Refresher on the Product Packaging Process

Before going into who is involved in the product packaging process, refresh your memory on the process itself. The process begins with evaluating your product, your customers’ needs, and your competition. Then, the packaging is designed. It is likely then tested, and adjustments are made if necessary. Finally, the packaging is produced. 

Packaging Designers

Packaging designers are usually involved throughout the process, but they focus their efforts early on. The majority of their work takes place in the very beginning, up to and including the design. 

However, designers will likely also be involved in the later stages of the research process. Some will look at competitor packaging and conduct market research for you. Others will leave this up to you and incorporate your findings into the packaging design. The important thing is that before they start designing the packaging, they will want to know about your product, what makes it unique, and what your potential customers want from the packaging. 

Of course, packaging designers are also responsible for the actual design of the packaging. In addition to the already-mentioned research, they will ask your company about what features, information, colors, or themes you want on the design. Then, they will create the design. 

The designer will continue their involvement at least through the first test run. At this point, they will go through the process of making any necessary changes. After a successful test run, their role will mostly be over. 

Packaging Manufacturers

Product packaging manufacturers like SoOPAK typically enter the design process later on, but this depends on your preferences and the manufacturer you work with. At the latest, you will start working with them when the design is complete. 

Packaging manufacturers will discuss what materials, printing methods, and other elements you want on your packaging. They will be responsible for producing the test runs or mockups. They will also be responsible for creating new mockups if your designer or your team makes changes. 

Then, they take care of the actual manufacturing of the boxes or packaging, along with printing your chosen design on the boxes. They are also in charge of quality control and correcting anything that may go wrong. 

Your Company

Your company will play an important role throughout the entire process. Your highest levels of involvement will be before the design process and immediately after it. 

Your company is in charge of figuring out what you need from product packaging and what your customers want. You can do this yourself, have your designer take care of it, or hire a market research company.

You are also responsible for communicating with the packaging designer to ensure their design includes your needs. Then, you must approve their design. You have to provide your packaging manufacturer with the finished design and approve the mockups once they are completed. 

Essentially, your company will be involved in most steps of the product packaging process but will delegate the majority of the tasks to the packaging designers and manufacturers. 

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