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Tips to Design Counter Display Packaging That Drives Sales

As you design your counter display packaging, you want to make sure that it not only protects your product but also advertises it. The right counter display can lead to impulse purchases of your product, dramatically boosting your profits. Follow these tips to design counter display packaging that drives sales. 

Consider the Product and How People Look at It 

The first step to designing your counter display should always involve thinking about the product and how customers want to view it. The standard counter display is a cardboard box with an open top holding numerous products. However, you can easily vary this to match your product. For example, if you sell necklaces, a hanging counter display may make more sense. 

Consider How to Arrange the Product

As you choose the size and shape of the counter display box, you will also want to think about the size of the product and how you arrange it. Will it stack neatly? Or is it a product that may roll around? You can opt for a slightly different shape for your box, depending on the answer. 

This is also the time to consider if you need plastic or cardboard inserts to hold the product neatly in place. 

Keep Branding in Mind

As you design your counter display, you want to keep your branding in mind, just like you would for another product packaging. Make sure that the packaging uses your color palette, logo, font, and other factors that go into your branding. 

This helps you build brand recognition, which can help boost sales. Some people may recognize your branding and are more likely to buy your product on the display if they are satisfied with your other items. Others will not know your brand yet but may decide to try the product on the display. And if they are happy with it, your branding will help them connect that product to your other offerings. This gives you an opportunity to boost sales. 

Use the Whole Package

Most counter displays will have a rectangular base where you display the product and a vertical cardboard area at the end where you can advertise. Incorporate your branding too as much of this as possible. You will use the vertical cardboard portion as a built-in advertisement for the product. But don’t forget about the sides and front of the rectangular base or box. These should match the rest of the packaging. 

Choose the Right Products for Counter Displays

You not only want to design the display packaging itself carefully, but you also need to choose carefully which products to put on the display. You’d want to opt for more affordable items for these displays, as they are impulse purchases. 

You should also try to choose products that are smaller in size, so you can fit more of them on the display. For example, it’s best to put a snack-size version of your food products on a counter display. If you sell lotion or perfume, opt for a travel-size container in the counter display. 

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