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Do You Need To Consider Summer Heat When Packaging Your Products

With summer coming before long, you’ll need to reevaluate your product’s packaging to see if it will withstand any heat that it might be subjected to. You can inquire at the shipping company that you use to transport your product to see if their trucks are refrigerated or not. But you need to consider that your product may sit on a loading dock in the sun, or in a hot warehouse, for hours or days before it reaches its intended destination. So you need to plan for that when you are designing your packaging.

Food Products

Food products are especially sensitive to heat. Some things, such as dried beans or rice, aren’t as sensitive as are many others, but you certainly wouldn’t want a pallet of chocolate bars to sit in a hot environment unprotected for very long. Our ice cream box can be used for things other than ice cream. It is a sturdy box that holds up in a cold environment, as well as offering some extra protection from the heat.

Non-food Products

There are also many non-food products that can be damaged by too much heat. A case of candles sitting out on a loading dock in the hot summer sun can look considerably droopy by the time they make it inside the store. Some medicines need to be kept cool, if not cold. Crayons are another item that will not do well in heat. Many makeup products, such as lipstick, can melt and be a gloppy mess if left in a hot place too long.


What can you do to protect your product from being heat damaged during transport from factory to store? A couple of things. First, if the size and shape work, try one of our double-wall boxes. It’s not a big thing, but may offer a degree of protection. Another thing you can do is pack your small product boxes inside a larger carton and fill the extra area with packing materials. Depending on how fragile your product is, just a good, thick layer of packing peanuts all around the product boxes will give some insulation. If your product is more fragile, yet not a food item that will spoil, and the delivery time is only a day or two, reusable frozen ice packs packed around your product will keep it cool for a while. Again, depending on what your product is, you may want to pack it in dry ice. Just be certain that condensation from the ice packs or the dry ice won’t spoil your product’s boxes. You don’t want to sacrifice one thing to save another. Using heavy-duty packing cartons is another way to add protection from the summer’s heat to your product.

Transport Options

Choosing a trucking company that uses refrigerated trucks is an easy solution to getting your heat-sensitive products to their destination safely. This will keep the product cold for the greater part of its trip from manufacturer to consumer.

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