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Let Your Product Packaging Boost Your Social Media Engagement with These Tips

Your packaging does more than just protect your product; it is also part of your marketing efforts. One of the many marketing goals you may have is to improve social engagement. There are a surprising number of ways to do this with your product packaging. 

Include Social Media Handles or QR Codes

One of the simplest things you can do to boost social media engagement with your product packaging is to include all of the information customers need to find you on social media. This can be as simple as a logo for each platform followed by “@” and your username. Or, in the case of Facebook, it could be the Facebook logo followed by “/” and the rest of your link. 

You can make this even easier by including QR codes on your packaging that shoppers can scan to get to your social media pages. 

Create an Unboxing Experience

Another great way to boost social media engagement via product packaging is to develop an unboxing experience. Giving your customers a perfect unboxing experience increases the chances that they will share photos or videos of it on social media. Essentially, you want to make the unboxing experience so impressive that people want to share it. 

Not only will people share a unique unboxing experience, but others will also view it. As the video spreads, you get free advertising. 

Encourage Sharing via a Hashtag 

One of the most popular ways for companies to boost social media engagement is via a hashtag. You can easily add a hashtag and encouragement to use it on your product packaging. It can be a simple statement asking shoppers to share themselves using your product with the hashtag on social media. As a bonus, this will also give you user-generated content that you can use in other marketing campaigns. 

You can also get creative with the hashtags. Maybe include a QR code that will take shoppers to the hashtag on Instagram, so they can see how other people are using it. This can work as additional social proof if they are debating buying the item and scan the QR code in the store. Or, when they get home, it can boost engagement by encouraging them to explore and possibly make their own post with the hashtag. 

Integrate AR

When it comes to boosting social media engagement with packaging, you can also get creative and incorporate AR. Advances in augmented reality mean that it is much more affordable than many companies realize. Using AR on your packaging will help convince people to buy it. But it can also help with social media, as people will likely want to share their AR experience, especially if it is unique in your industry. 


Think of your packaging as a way to market your product and brand in addition to just a way to protect the items within. With the right design, you can use your packaging to boost engagement on social media. This reflects well on your brand and extends your reach, boosting sales. 

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