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Packaging Tips for the Perfect Unboxing Experience – And Why It Matters

No matter your product, how you package it is crucial for your marketing and customer experience. In recent years, it has become even more important for companies to give customers an unboxing experience when opening their new products. Learn why and then get some tips to optimize the unboxing process. 

Why the Unboxing Experience Matters

There are a few factors at play with the unboxing experience. To start, creating an experience shows a level of personalization and attention that makes customers feel special. They feel as if they are valued customers when you put in the effort to create a nice unboxing process. 

Another crucial factor is the rise of social media. More and more, people are sharing videos and photos of their new products and the process of opening them. By optimizing the unboxing experience, you create something that people want to share on social media. This leads to free advertising for your company. 

Overall, the unboxing experience can:

  • Build customer loyalty
  • Encourage sharing on social media
  • Increase the perceived value of your product
  • Reach new customers (on social media)
  • Reinforce your branding 

With the importance of unboxing in mind, what can you do to perfect it? 

Consider Custom Boxes

One way to create a truly unique unboxing experience is to use custom boxes. This is especially important for shipping boxes, but it is also helpful for packaging that sits on shelves at the stores. 

By creating custom boxes, you can enhance your branding. You can also start to build excitement to open the box as soon as customers see it. 

Know What to Insert

Part of the unboxing experience is finding more than just the product inside the box. This can come in the form of a brochure, postcard, or custom insert

It is even better if the items you insert include a thank-you note or a discount code. 

Include a Free Sample

Remember that a perfect unboxing experience can elevate the perceived value of your product. Another way to do this is by including a free sample in the package. This will also boost excitement. 

Of course, you also get all of the other benefits associated with giving out free samples. The most notable is the possibility that your customers will love it and decide to buy a full-size version. 

Choose Your Materials With Care

The unboxing process should help you stand out from the competition. To do this, make sure to carefully consider the packaging materials you want to include. Try to get creative with the extras you include. For example, instead of including plain tissue paper, opt for a branded version. 

Think About the Product Presentation Inside the Box

If your goal is to create a memorable unboxing experience, you want to think about where in the package the product will be when the customer opens it. You don’t want it moving around the box in transit. Instead, consider using dividers or packaging materials to keep the product in the center. 


A good unboxing experience will improve customer loyalty and serve as marketing. Optimize the experience with the right materials, custom boxes, and thoughtful inserts. 

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