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Choose the Best Packaging for Your Business

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What have you done lately to protect the personal assets of your company you sell to the public in order to mark the attribute’s delivery safe and long-lasting? Here we’re referring to your products and their packaging needs. Before we highlight what kind of packaging is suitable for your product, you should know why your product needs packaging.

Why Product’s Packaging Is Important For Your Business?

Just like launching the product itself is an essential aspect in marketing to extend and sustain its life for years to come; a new product has to undergo another critical process of designing, evaluating and creating packaging. A product’s packaging refers to a sort of personalized cover that prevents product damage from the outdoor calamities. Whether its energy, climate or any natural misfortune, the perfect packaging ensures the safety of your core business offerings and withstand with all potential risks to avoid any inconvenience might cause to your customers in future, if your product lacks a basic seal.

Now that we made you conscious of a marketing necessity you should focus the most to increase the sale and longevity of your merchandise (goods in the broader sense), let us enable all the vast packaging options, you will eventually have to consider after the product development.

Within the extensive variety of packaging, first understand the three main types:

  • Corrugated boxes
  • Chipboard and paperboard boxes
  • Poly bags
  1. Corrugated boxes

It’s the most typical package you’ll find around. Even the biggest e-commerce companies use the cardboard box to get their orders delivered safely and while maintaining sturdiness. These boxes offer a moderate weight to the carrier and provide the goods with the environment of cushioning because of its corrugated material.

These are further divided into two archetypal boxes:


  • Regular cardboard boxes
  • Specialty boxes


That’s not just all about the corrugated boxes. Below are all the different styles of corrugated boxes, one of these which might fit your case.


RSC: Regular Slotted Containers

The regular stock boxes belong to a customary industry standard and are available in various sizes. At this time, especially when you don’t want to spend extra money on custom-made boxes, this option is economically feasible to get started with the shipping of your products.


RCS boxes consist of four flaps on the top, all equal in length except the two parallel sides meeting in the middle.


  • Average weight shipping contents
  • Traditional warehousing and storage process.


FOL: Full Overlap

Not a new type of packaging but a variant of RSC boxes. Full overlap boxes (FOL) are heavy-duty boxes with having two parallel flaps in the adjacent direction, which completely overlaps each other when folded. This type of corrugated boxes has procured the title of “best-secured parcel boxes” which comes with firm structural strength, making it ideal for long-distance transportation.


  • Heavy shipping supplies
  • Fragile supplies
  • Longer shipping duration


Auto-locking bottom

These are custom-built with the auto-lock folding mechanism to preserve the quality of a product in the long-term. They work with installed cardboard flaps to interlock with each other as you push down on them when you open a box. These structured custom boxes are incredibly portable for shipping and thus immensely reduce the higher labor costs to move them.


  • Paper printing packaging
  • Warehouse storage
  • Production lines


Roll End Corrugated Boxes

The standard roll end box is the second miscellaneous form of corrugated style custom boxes. It’s quite a handy box to ship out which is made from highest-quality durable corrugated, cardboard or bux board materials plus its mechanism is pretty fast to operate, best fit for congested timelines.

In the expanded lane of roll end corrugated boxes, find these two as best-sellers:


  • RELF: Roll End Lock Front*

These are differentiated by the small flaps that smoothly slides into the front flap of the box granting a lid for a quick locking mechanism. Roll End Lock Front (RELF) boxes are produced from high-density polythene and are 100% a guaranteed recycling investment for both suppliers and manufacturers.


At the present time, the RELF box, in combination with digital printing, is the most significant choice for shippers. For example: aesthetically designed and printed Pizza boxes.



  • Mail deliveries
  • Small parts
  • Cost-conscious producers


  • RETT: Roll End Tuck Top

It is often recognized as the most sophisticated corrugated style which is manufactured using the finest quality corrugated fiberboard that apart from protecting your product against environmental dust and debris, is also a temperature-savvy package to keep the food fresh and safe for longer period.

It is operated through a single flap at the front and the additional two flaps rest at the side. RETT is usually custom-assembled to provide the goods with the maximum level of protection throughout a bumpy trip.



  • Custom bakery packaging
  • Shelf storage
  • Appropriate for non-shipping deals.



  1. Chipboard and paperboard boxes

In contrast to the regular two side folding corrugated boxes, the breakthrough technology of “Chipboard and paperboard boxes” indicates a white-lined paperboard, which is carefully crafted from reclaimed paper stock. This type encourages a lightweight shipping procedure due to the thin layer of cardboard- that fabricate a compelling packaging inside of a box.

However, the above description can be used collectively to identify the two boxes but the noticeable difference between chipboard and paperboard is:


  • Chipboard, also known as particle board is made of with wood chips, sawmill shavings, or even sawdust, and synthetic resin which enables the flat-pack furniture and work surfaces packaging.


  • While paperboard boxes are man-made with a thick paper-based white material, which is characterized as a noteworthy packaging for food and beverage products including juices, milk, and cereal products.



General Applications

  • Pharmaceuticals products
  • Cosmetics packaging
  • Shelf packaging
  • Gift boxes


  1. Poly Bags

The term “poly bags” is a shorter form of polythene bags which is crafted with thin, flexible, plastic film, nonwoven fabric, or plastic textile. These show great performance when it comes to printing but since they are fragile, the printing quality many times is out of the question. The cumulative consumption of polythene bags lies in the fact that they are cost-effective.

We’ll further analyze the variety of poly bags easily available in the market as well as corresponding to printing solutions.


  • Single layer poly bags

These are either self-adhesive or zip locked plastic pouches that enclose an entire product in one go.



  • Well-adaptive for powders, beads, jewelry
  • Tech parts
  • Items in large quantity
  • Items which needs to be dust-proof


  • Bubble mailers

Keep bubble mailers in mind for the quality products as they contain a more durable exterior poly layer and fit products with the internal support of a bubble wrap. These are purpose-built for the flexibility of small products and should not be used for large accessories.



  • Mailing small items such as jewelry comments and tech products.



Important Note: if digital printing is really necessary for your product to keep up with marketing trends at a fast pace, we would recommend you to go for simple logos.





Although there are unlimited packaging types to put here, these have the most far-reaching implications on a great number of products. Additionally, your packaging selection process should be subjected to other dependable factors such as:


  • Budget
  • Environmental effects
  • Design viability and lastly
  • Printing requirements


The easiest way to land upon a quick decision first involves calculating your product requirements. Thereafter you can choose the best from these custom boxes and order the package that helps you achieve a crucial edge over your competitors and above all, target a package which makes your consumers fall in love with your brand-all these factors constitute a brand loyalty.

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