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How to Use Your Product Packaging as a Component of Your Marketing Strategy

When it comes to your product packaging, it should do much more than just protect your product and ensure it arrives safely at the homes of consumers. The best packaging will also be a key part of your marketing strategy. It will influence the decision of potential clients to buy your item in the store or online. If you are successful, your packaging can continue to serve as an advertisement after the purchase, particularly if you make it reusable. Learn how to use your product packaging in your marketing strategy to boost sales.


Continue Your Brand Imagery


Start off your product packaging with amazing artwork design that fits into your brand imagery. Include your logo and the same color theme found on your website and other advertising to continue your brand messaging. This will help reinforce your brand and make your product easier to spot for loyal customers.


Be Insta-Worthy


You can take advantage of the popularity of social media with your product packaging no matter how active your official account is. Make your product packaging interesting so that it is Insta-worthy, as this will encourage people to share images of it on Instagram and other social media platforms. Do something to stand out with your packaging, or just ensure it is beautiful. Go a step further and encourage clients to share their product with a hashtag.


Be Environmentally Friendly


Another great way to use your packaging to market your product is to make it a point to be environmentally friendly and let customers know. Any company can benefit from using eco-friendly materials and advertising this as the case, but this is particularly true if any aspect of your company is related to the environment or being natural. Try using eco-friendly materials that are recyclable or reusable. Announce this fact clearly on your packaging. You could even include a message like “see what else our company is doing to help the planet” and a QR code that will take customers to a section of your website that details other efforts you make.


Promote Reuse of the Packaging


Instead of just making your product packaging recyclable or reusable, encourage clients to do so as well. This will be great from an environmental standpoint, as it reduces waste, bringing in eco-conscious clients. At the same time, it is free advertising since your logo will appear on the packaging even when it is reused. This is similar to when people reuse sturdy shopping bags from department stores for other uses.


If you sell a beverage of some sort, you could make the bottle it comes in easy to clean, long-lasting, and spill-proof once opened to encourage customers to reuse it instead of using disposable plastic bottles.


Include Discounts or Coupons


Another great idea is to include some sort of discount or coupon on the packaging. This will encourage clients to make another purchase in the future, bringing them one step closer to becoming loyal to your brand. You could even create a digital loyalty card and have customers scan the bar code or a unique QR code on each new product they buy. When they buy a certain amount, give them a discount or a free item.

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