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There are a variety of ways that stores display their merchandise. Display methods vary from one type of store to another, and some stores use a variety of display methods. Sometimes the product manufacturer has some say over how its product is displayed in a store. When you do have that flexibility, you want to make sure that the manner in which your product is displayed places it at its best advantage.

Cardboard Dump

A cardboard dump is a product display unit that is printed to match or highlight your product. Cardboard dumps are often used for seasonal or promotional items. They also display books, DVDs, CDs, and boxed greeting cards. Either the store receiver or your own merchandiser will assemble the dump and fill it with your product. The dump should be designed with your logo, product design (i.e., a copy of the book’s cover), and advertising so that the store can’t reuse it later for another product.

Countertop or Floor Spinner

If your product is small, such as earrings, keychains, sample packets of toiletries, or postcards, you may wish to use a countertop spinner to display it. The spinner will have a holder at the top where you place a header, which is stiff cardboard on which you’ll print what the product is, the price, or other pertinent information. A floor spinner is just a taller, larger version of the countertop spinner. Spinners can have racks, shelves, or baskets. A floor spinner can hold greeting cards, jigsaw puzzles, maps, postcards, calendars, coloring books, and some types of toys. Spinners can be wire, acrylic, metal, or wood. The type you choose should highlight and complement your product. If your product is children’s wooden puzzles, a wooden spinner made of the same or a contrasting wood will make your product stand out from the crowd.


If you have the clout to display your product on an endcap, you can make the most of this choice place by having your product packaged colorfully and tastefully, with shelf tags that draw the customer’s attention to your product. Full-length shelf tags can highlight product features, pricing, and other pertinent information. Many stores have shelving units with endcaps that have adjustable shelving, so you can place the shelves at the right height for maximum display potential.


Perhaps your product is greeting cards, maps, magazines, music books, children’s coloring books, or other items that are flat and best displayed in a stair-step rack. You can choose a rack that custom fits your product. Depending on the type of product displayed in the rack, the pockets will only go down to between knee and waist level on an adult. Underneath, there will be enclosed storage for back stock. If your product is geared toward children, the rack shelves/pockets can go all the way to the floor to appeal to the little ones. Because items that ordinarily go in this sort of a rack are varied and multi-colored, it is best to make the display rack a neutral color. White or off-white is always a good choice. There should be room at the top for a header with product information on it, and this should also be tastefully and appropriately designed.


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