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How To Design Packaging for A New Product

Finding the right packaging for your product takes some careful planning. Luckily, we have some tips gathered here to help you get started with designing the perfect package for your new item. 

The following steps can help you design effective, eye-catching packaging for your product.

Select the Right Materials

Choose among the wide variety of packaging materials and styles available today. Where you can, opt for recyclable materials in your packaging. Your brand and reputation will do better for it. 

Design the Outer Packaging

Before you figure out what the insides and the support will look like, decide how the outer package will look. Do you want the packaging to shine with items like gold foil or do you want to go with the understated, clean lines of kraft boxes? Your target market’s preferences can provide direction in this aspect. 

Box Printing

Use every inch of your package. Figure out the best placement for logos, product names, usage directions, and warnings, if any. You can also print longer blocks of text on the inside of the packaging, especially boxes. 

Keep Things Simple

It’s always a good idea to keep the design simple. Don’t clutter the package with too many text or images, as this can turn away potential sales. 

Make the Details Count

Product packaging is a great way to keep customers engaged and promote some brand recognition. Small details like a short thank-you message or an affirmation printed on packaging can make your products stand out. 

Encourage Brand Loyalty with Samples and Tokens

Now that you’ve taken care of the packaging’s exterior, you can start working on its insides. Consider including small tokens like stickers, pins, and free samples to engage customers and promote loyalty to your brand. 

Consider the Environment

Being environmentally thoughtful is more than using sustainable materials. It is also keeping packing materials to a minimum so you can reduce your footprint. 

Test and Adapt Packaging

Make sure to do a test run on your packaging so you can identify potential issues. This way, you can make any adjustments before getting your product to the masses. 

Some General Product Packaging Tips

Understand Who Your Market Is

The best labeling and packaging speak to your audience. Who are your products made for? Your packaging should align with the characteristics and preferences of your target market. This way, you can make sure that your product’s packaging catches the attention of the right consumers. 

Check Out the Competition

Your competitors are integral to your market research. Are there tons of items in your niche packaged similarly? Studying the competition can give you an idea of how to make your packaging stand out. For instance, if similar products come in bulky boxes, you can try looking for sleeker, slimmer packaging.  

Pick Key Selling Points to Highlight

Look at your product from a few angles. Will it be sold primarily online or in brick-and-mortar stores? Items sold online only greatly benefit from packaging that lends itself to a unique unboxing experience. 

The Bottom Line

Product packaging plays a crucial role in your business’ branding efforts. Following the steps above can help you design packaging that makes your product stand out and promotes your brand to the right target market.

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