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Best Tips for Marketing with Your Packaging

At first, the purpose of packaging was to protect products until the client could enjoy them. These days, that is just one of product packaging’s many functions. The best packaging also promotes brand awareness, highlights a product’s most important features, and creates a unique customer experience. 

Promotional Gifts and Elements

Gifts and other promotional elements are excellent marketing tools to build client relationships further past the purchase of the product. Your packaging can include a pamphlet about similar products and offer a coupon or QR code for future purchases. This is a great way to introduce customers to other product lines and services.

Encourage Social Media Engagement

Your packaging can assist in promoting your business’ profiles on different social media platforms. Your TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts can all easily be printed on your packaging, drawing more followers for your brand. You can also use a QR code leading to a landing page listing your business’ social media handles.

Use this strategy to help create more connections with your customers and drive engagement to these accounts. 

Utilize Green Concepts and Materials

A study from Trivium found that 75% of customers don’t mind paying more for sustainable packaging. Consumers are becoming more conscious about the environment, driven by the media coverage of material waste and pollution. This means using sustainable materials and advertising this strategy on your packaging can be an excellent marketing tool for your business.

Many packaging products have recyclable and renewable materials as the standard material choice. This means bio-foam or green foam and cornstarch fillers as well as some mushroom-based materials for packaging. Don’t be shy about using these materials. Make sure you have it clearly stated on your packaging to drive sales and expand your customer base. 

Themed Packaging for Special Events and Holidays

Create eye-catching packaging that celebrates special events or holidays as a means of promoting your products. Consider seasonal color schemes for winter, fall, summer or spring. You can also create packaging centered around events like birthdays or graduations and holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Halloween. 

You can also use product packaging to commemorate company milestones such as a thousand products distributed or celebrating a five-year anniversary. Any of these factors are perfect for driving interest in your product and brand. 

Maximize the Unboxing Experience

One of the better ways to market products is to make the unboxing experience memorable. More than unboxing and removing packaging peanuts, think of your product as a gift to the consumer. Remember the feeling of unwrapping a present and help your customers be eager to see what is inside the box. 

Your package can be minimal or fancy. You can also make it engaging like a puzzle. Don’t make your packaging too challenging because the frustration can have the opposite effect on your client base.

The Bottom Line

Your product packaging is more than a means to protect your product. These days, you can also use packaging to highlight what makes your product stand out. With a little creativity on your end, product packaging can become a valuable marketing tool for driving sales and boosting engagement.

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