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Key Packaging Trends for 2024

Creating a product and getting it out in front of potential customers is just part of the challenge; you also need to package and market it well so that it sells regularly. Packaging is becoming increasingly eco-friendly and intelligent, especially in terms of sustainability and customer appeal. Key advancements are happening in the last couple of years through 2024. Consider the following top trends for packaging in 2024.

Biodegradable Packaging

It is increasingly important to move away from plastics when it comes to packaging. Plastic packaging stays in our landfills for decades, creating an urgent need for an alternative solution. 

The need for more environmentally friendly packaging ideas is more important than ever. The drawbacks of relying on single-use plastic is becoming more commonly known. There are some substitutes, such as polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), PLA, cellulose, starch, polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB), and biopolymers. Many plant-based materials, such as coconut, sugarcane, cornstarch, and hemp, can replace plastics in terms of packaging. 

Automated Packaging

Automated packaging is an excellent way to deal with problems like quality control, accuracy, and productivity. It helps with filling, depanning, and palletizing. Human error is reduced with grippers and robotic arms. Automated packaging also improves the gentle handling of fragile items. 

AI-driven vision systems which capture product images and analyze them are also on the rise, increasing package quality. The use of AI technology enhances the package overall while reducing errors across the board. 

3D Packaging

3D printing is another trend that is becoming popular in the packaging sector. With this type of printing, you can create a prototype quickly and step up the packaging process. This helps brands reduce wasteful mistakes and trials with their packaging designs. This technology makes it possible for designers and engineers to have more creative freedom in crafting quality packages. 

Custom Packaging

How your product looks makes a big difference in how well it sells. Therefore, having high-quality custom packaging is a growing trend in the industry. Packaging also allows for a space to market your product. It is challenging to make your brand noticeable, but know that packaging is the first place to start. Eye-catching boxes and unique unboxing experiences can go a long way to building your brand. Consider Coca-Cola’s “Share A Coke” campaign and how it sold more soda for this giant brand. Take the time to truly consider what custom packaging can do for your brand and explore the possibilities with your product. 

Recyclable Packaging

Another excellent trend to look out for is brands leaning toward recyclable packaging. More countries are imposing bans on plastic packaging that is used only once. Therefore, more brands lean toward recyclable packaging, such as using recycled paper instead of newly-processed raw materials. More companies use mono-material to increase recycling ease. Projections expect the global recyclable packaging sector to grow to 31.81 billion in 2024 from 30.05 billion in 2023. Overall, the future for creative and sustainable packaging appears to be promising. 

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