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Essential Guide to Product Packaging

There are multiple factors that affect the decision of the customer or the client while shopping. One of them is the packaging of the product. The medium of shopping might include online shopping or retail experience.  Studies suggest that more than 50 % of the customers who bought products online returned to the same business if the goods they received were in an attractive and high quality packaging. Another interesting fact was that, approximately 70 percent of the clients tend to share photos on their social media of the packaging in which they received their product, given the packaging is eye catching. Packaging is the first thing that the customer sees when he/she has the product in his/her hands or even when someone else has it in their hands. We at Soopak believe that product packaging is beneficial for your business in many ways and therefore provide you with solutions pertinent to your needs and demands.

  • In some cases, if the customer likes the packaging, it will make him like what is inside without even seeing the product. Examples include food items that people just usually buy even when seeing them for the first time, just because they were packed beautifully.
  • When people see a thing which is packed beautifully, it attracts them. Human nature is like this. When people are attracted towards something, they want the same for themselves too. So they start to inquire about the product, and this serves as a free method of promotion.

This must tell you the importance of product packaging which acts as promotion packaging too. But everything isn’t always easy, is it? If one aims to turn packaging ideas, which are right now in thoughts, to reality, he/she has to fight tooth and nail to do so. Various factors come into play and it can be hard to focus on each one at the same time. For the sake of your easiness, we present to you a guide which might prove helpful on the subject of product packaging.

“One should focus on personalization more and more. Customization is the new norm. Business owners looking to expand must make the unboxing experience more fun for the customer”

Things to Focus On

  • Product type? This aspect greatly needs to be focused on because knowing the type of product is imperative to create a packaging with subsequent dimensions.
  • Financial aspect? It is essential for you to know what might be the total cost of shipping and packaging before placing the order.
  • Number count? In order to understand details of the process you shall be taking every decision in accordance with the number of packages needed. So it is really important to know the exact numbers before you go for ordering.
  •  Timeline? You need to keep a track of the order and delivery dates. This is essential because only then you’ll be able to tell that till when you need the packaging. This will also help you to easily correspond from your end.

Choosing the Packaging

You may choose from one of the following types of the packaging


The type that you need for shipping and heavy duty products. The choice includes shoe box, snap lock gable, gravity feed, slotted container, and others. One thing to consider for corrugated is the material thickness. You may choose from a range of F to B/C flutes. B/C being the thickest provides the most protection for your product.

Folding Carton

             One of the most elastic and lightest option when your material of choosing is paper. Thus making it a cost effective option.

Premium packaging

            This is the type of packaging that you shall need for luxurious products or gift items most probably. Using a much thick material than that used in the folding carton, it gives your product more safety and comfort. Even the design is not directly printed onto the box, rather an offset printed paper is used to wrap it.

Some other styles include paper bags, plastic packaging, glass packaging, and poly mailers.

Protection and Printing

Protective inserts are used as a cushion for the product inside the packaging thereby increasing the durability. You may choose from foam, thermoformed, or cardboard inserts. When you are done with choosing the packaging, it is time to now choose what type of printing you want. Ink is used when the option of offset printing is chosen to produce a high quality result. Digital printing which is available for corrugated and folding carton provides you with an option that is quicker and a bit affordable too. The type of printing selected when industrial scale packaging is required is flexography printing. You may choose from either of the options that suits best for your needs.

Covering the Outside

                You may choose an additional paper coating to give your product a final touch. Your options are aqueous coating, UV coating, Lamination, and varnish. Each has its own advantage and provides a different look as compared to others. When looking to leave a lasting impact on the minds of the customer you might want to use special finishing types such as foil stamping, Spot UV, Debossing, Embossing, and Window patching. Each unique to their use and providing a classy finish.

             These are your options to consider and things to look out for when going through the process of product packaging. In the end, what counts is the glossy appearance and a smooth touch of the packaging that the customer experiences the first time he/she touches the product. Focus on the promotion packaging and you will get unbelievable results, in no time. Contact Soopak and we’ll guide you through the process in no time.

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