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Custom Packaging Benefits and Disadvantages

Custom Packaging

Ordering custom boxes, in reality, is a multistep process that could also stretch over a long period of time. As a business owner, you have to be aware that your company’s packaging is an integral part of your brand and of the branding efforts that are being developed by the marketing staff.

Which are some of the pros and cons of doing custom packaging?


  • Helps you and your company have a more professional look.
  • Helps improving customer’s loyalty
  • Helps increasing sales and brand presence
  • Allows you to add personalized call-to-actions and slogans.


  • It implies a higher production cost.
  • Generally, a lot of time and effort goes into the design.

Design and Custom Boxes Usage

When defining your packaging type, you must take into account the industry to which you belong as well as the type of product that is being sold. Try to allocate enough time and think deeply about what type of packaging really makes sense for your products. Some of the main factors to be contemplated are the size and fragility of your content. Sizing is extremely important because it needs to be considered to calculate your overall shipping costs for situations such as using first class mail or to make an accurate calculation of the USPS Cubic Pricing Tier. Taking enough time to think this through can help you and your company save thousands and thousands of dollars.

Sizing is also key for the design part of the process which is another multi-stepped procedure. There are different software available (i.e. Adobe InDesign and other alternatives) that can help you come up with this (the actual design), nevertheless, its such a delicate matter and requires such a high level of proficiency using such tools that we strongly suggest this part is worked in conjunction with a partner company that has the level of expertise and passion we bring to the table here at SoOPAK.

So, Who Should Consider Using Custom Packaging?

If your business is ready for the next step, both from a resources investment (time and money) as well as a marketing perspective it definitely is a fantastic idea to follow through with it.

Since there are so many details that have to be considered, such as the fact that the artwork itself will look differently on your digital vs your print designs and because the aesthetics of your brand is not something to be taken lightly, due to the fact that the first impression can make or break the rest of the relationship you’ll have with your clients, and because acquiring new clients is a lot tougher than keeping your old ones causing a great first impression will work wonders for your customer’s loyalty.

With us you can have it all done under one roof, there is not die and plate charges and we can provide a 15 business day turnaround.


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