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Trends in Packaging Pet Food that You Should Keep in Mind

The packaging of consumer goods is one major facet of advertising. If a company never spent a dime on marketing or advertising, they could still do well if they package their product in a “look at me” way that has a strong “curb appeal.” Packaging not only serves as a container for your product, but it also acts as a miniature billboard to advertise the contents. Pet foods are no exception to this. Just as there are trends that come and go in food packaging and other products, there are also trends in the packaging of pet foods.


Eco-Friendly Packaging


A common concern among consumers with pets is the environment. So, eco-friendly packaging is a huge selling point. This extends to the pet foods that they buy. Always bag dry food in sturdy paper bags or paperboard boxes made from recycled materials to minimize the environmental impact.


Fresh Packaging


Take a look at the pet foods currently in the stores and then think about how to make your pet food packaging stand out from the rest. If yours is a well-known brand, you may want to keep a familiar look to your packaging while at the same time giving it a new, fresh look. Color, design, and the container, whether bag, box, or can should appeal to today’s consumers. Design appeal doesn’t necessarily have to be ultra-modern. A vintage look is also very attractive to many people, especially older people.


Nutritional Information


Today’s pet owners are as concerned about their pet’s nutrition as they are their own. Printing the ingredients of the pet food and its nutritional values on the package will inform and inspire confidence in your product. Consider putting key ingredients or nutritional benefits in a larger font to help your product stand out.




Think of certain soft drinks that print names on their cans to draw in potential buyers. Now, think about candy bars that print silly names on their wrappers. This can carry over into the pet food packaging market. Imagine printing dog food bags with a variety of popular dogs’ names on them. This would compel consumers to buy a bag of dog food featuring his or her dog’s own name.


If you sell your pet foods online, when a pet owner places an order, for say a box of dry cat food, they could submit a photo of their cat, which you could print on the label before shipping out the product. Adding the pet’s name or picture makes each package special, personal, and unique. This unique personalization guarantees repeat buyers.


Packaging Materials


Aside from tin cans, boxes, and paper bags, there are some other packaging materials you can use for pet food. Plastic pouches are great for single serving packages but also work well for larger packages. For ease of opening and resealing, a tear notch is a helpful feature as is a zipper lock for resealing. Tin cans that come with a plastic removable lid is a great feature for multi-serving cans.


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