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COVID-19 has led to numerous changes around the world, some of which are likely to cease once the pandemic is under control while others are likely to stay around for a long time. You are likely already familiar with some of the changes the COVID-19

A Recent Poll Shows 69% of Americans Have More Concerns About Food Packaging Safety Than Several Months Ago – What It Means for Your Food Packaging The current COVID-19 crisis has affected a range of industries, including food packaging. Namely, people are increasingly concerned about sanitation and safety related to

As technology advances, it seems every industry has begun incorporating the Internet of Things into their processes or products. The product packaging industry is no different, as many companies are finding innovative methods of incorporating IoT into their packaging lines. Just like you turn to other companies for packaging design

With the current pandemic, all industries are facing significant changes, including the product packaging industry. No matter the type of product you sell, you will want to make some minor changes to your packaging to ensure it fits the changing demands of consumers. Keep the