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Tips to Reduce Packaging Waste Reducing your packaging waste can help your company achieve several goals. It will lower your costs because you will have to pay for fewer materials without changing the packaging significantly. It will also reduce your impact on the planet, as you

Exploring the Various Layers of Product Packaging When it comes to product packaging, there are several layers to it, all of which work together. While there are plenty of product packaging variations based on box styles and other factors, the industry uses three common classifications to

How to Design Your Product Packaging to Encourage Customers to Recycle It Everyone has a responsibility to do what they can to help the planet. Many consumers are taking this to heart and doing their best to recycle whatever product packaging can be recycled. But not

How to Assess Your Product Packaging Life Cycle and Its Environmental Impact Whether you already have product packaging that you have been using for years, are planning a redesign, or are searching for your first product packaging, you should assess the packaging life cycle. This helps